How Video FAQ Increases Engagement and Reduces Call Center Volume

September 23, 2020

Your website likely has a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page filled with all the answers your customers and website visitors seek about your products and services. 

Some brands try to answer site visitor questions by guessing what they think they’ll ask with an FAQ page or chat bot. Both require the site visitor to do a considerable amount of work to find their answer which, as many brands know, they just aren’t doing. Few people take the time to read an article when they can easily find video answers on YouTube. Many also try chatbots, only to be frustrated by that experience.

Just like how text reviews are 2006 technology, your FAQ page is even older. Upgrading to video across the board, including your FAQ and your product pages with Video Q&A is easier than you think. What can be conveyed in a 30 second video answer far exceeds what is conveyed in a wall of text that your audience will rarely take the time to read. 

A well-thought-out FAQ page is one of the most important elements of any business’ website. You need to have this page to answer essential information on things like your accepted payment methods, returns policy, and more. It is also an excellent place to provide engaging content that gives customers the answers and confidence they need to buy.

As you take a look at your own FAQ page, think about your answers to these questions.

  • Is your page text heavy? 
  • Is your FAQ page buried deep within your ecommerce website? 
  • Does it offer an engaging experience? 
  • Does your page show the real product or service experience?
  • Is there enough information to reduce calls into your call center?

As you think about these questions, you’re likely not alone in how you answer. Many brands’ FAQ pages are actually not optimized, as most only provide surface-level answers to questions regarding returns policies, payment methods, installation how-to’s, and contact information. While all this is important, the purpose of your FAQ page is to truly answer customer questions, so customers don’t have to call into your call center.

The FAQ page is no different to any other section of your site. It definitely has to look appealing while being clear and interesting to the eye.

Take a look at this example of an FAQ page from Bonobos. As you can see, this page offers a lot of important information and is very well organized. However, FAQ pages like this aren’t very engaging, are text heavy, and maybe not even quite detailed enough. 

bonobos faq page

Other brands have incorporated chat bots into their websites to solve their FAQ engagement problem. If you have experienced these chats, you likely ended up frustrated and needed to talk to a human anyway (eg. a call center phone call!). Check out this example here…were any questions really answered?

chatbot fail

Why FAQ pages Need Video FAQs

Video FAQs are just as they sound. They are answers to customers’ most common questions, but in video form. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. How much would a video be worth then? Video simply conveys FAQ information in a much more compelling manner. Rather than having your customers read a wall of text, give them engaging content that digs deep into the nuances of their question and shows them the solution visually.

You can source customer questions in a couple ways, either from reviewing user-submitted questions that have been posted, emailed or called in to your call center. You can also solicit questions from customers or followers in a survey shared out via social media or email.  

Video FAQs are great for answering pressing questions during the consideration and purchase stages of the customer’s journey, as well as for answering questions after a customer has already made their purchase. Your customers will appreciate the deep context and product experience that FAQ videos demonstrate.

As you can see, this video shows a specific answer to a specific question: “How hard is it to remove and add the propane tank?” Rather than 1-2-3 steps outlined in text, why not show customers exactly how it is done with a real person performing the installation?

Believe it or not, adding in Video FAQs to your page provides several other benefits while also giving your brand the attention it deserves:

  • Improving the overall customer experience with helpful information that is quick and super engaging
  • Answering specific customer questions so your call center isn’t bombarded, while reducing costs (Some of our clients put the cost to the call center at $10/phone call!) 
  • Providing extra context for online purchases, where customers cannot try or touch the product they wish to purchase
  • Increasing online visibility on Google and other search engines. Video provides SEO benefits that helps your website and product pages rank higher, making you more discoverable and ultimately, increasing your website traffic.

Another benefit of FAQ videos is that you can provide a very personalized experience. People want to know how products will work for people like them. For example, if you sell skin creams, customers with different skin issues (e.g. dryness or oily skin) will have different product needs. On your FAQ page, you can show Q&A videos showcasing other customers with their specific skin issues showing how the product has worked for them. 

Video FAQs also offer the ability to have a “conversation” with prospective customers while creating trust. People would rather find an answer quickly themselves from a fellow customer online than have to wait on hold at a call center. 

There’s no doubt that FAQ videos are also a powerful tool for nurturing prospects into customers and turning your customers into ambassadors of your brand. If you offer plenty of resources like FAQ videos to make your customer’s user experience as seamless and easy as possible, they’ll respect you so much more for it. You might even encourage repeat business and brand loyalty through FAQ videos on your page—a win-win for you and your customers! 

Of course, all of these can lead to not only increased brand confidence – but sales dollars too! 

Let Video Do The Heavy Lifting For You

StoryTap gives you all the tools that you need to create compelling FAQ videos that build trust, convince your customers to buy, and reduce call center volume. Our video marketing solution enables you to easily produce specific, on-brand video experience stories at scale and distribute them automatically, all without any integrations. 

Additionally, we help you get on the first page of Google with Video SEO, leading to increased visibility for your products, and in turn, greater engagement and sales. 

Ready to start producing your own user generated video reviews as you master your customer journey? The StoryTap platform makes it easy for big brands like yours to produce authentic video stories and answers to important FAQs at scale. Leverage StoryTap’s extensive experience in gathering video Q&A. We’ll help you produce and answer video Q&As, ensure quality, and even track your results.

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