Staying true to ourselves: a new brand for storytelling

By Bernadette Butler, founder and CEO

Today I am thrilled to officially announce our new StoryTap website and brand as we embark on the next chapter of our expansion. I am proud to say that we have reached a new milestone in our growth and development as an organization, so I wanted to share our own story of the evolution of our brand.

Why our brand needed to change

As an organization that is dedicated to helping enterprises grow and reach new markets, we knew we needed to evolve our brand to truly reflect the power of our video marketing platform.  

Over the years, many of our enterprise customers have told me that our platform takes away the manual, tedious and expensive task of producing and distributing customer generated videos for every market and demographic. They love how it empowers them to generate share of voice with customer videos that are on brand and on message and distribute them to like-minded audiences across the globe. 

StoryTap Logo Technical

Being part of our customers’ success has been a privilege, and I am incredibly proud of our collective efforts in making marketing more personal and authentic for customers around the globe.

As our platform has continued to expand and reach new markets over time, we knew we needed to develop a website and brand that would speak to the power of authentic video storytelling while helping us build enduring connections with our customers. We needed a space to share both our experiences and those of our customers and a way to convey our brand promise of helping our customers boost trust and brand engagementand drive faster growth as a result.

And above all, we needed to ensure that we would always stay true to ourselves.

It’s about who we really are

When we started StoryTap, we knew we were on to something when our enterprise customers told us how excited they were that they could finally generate customer video stories from real people that were authentic while still remaining on brand.

StoryTap made video storytelling so much simpler: customers simply tapped a link and followed the guidance on our platformand it just worked. We could hear the sigh of relief as they realized that creating video reviews from real people was not just within the realm of possibility, but was now actually happening at scale. 

As our customers’ needs evolved over time, our business and platform needed to evolve along with them, so we wanted to create a website and brand that was a truer representation of who we are. 

StoryTap branded images

While working towards our new identity, we focused on retaining all of StoryTap’s unique qualities, ensuring that we wouldn’t lose the essence of who we have always been. We needed to keep those things that meant a lot to our customers, like our story-first and video-first approach to brand engagement and our personalized and relatable approach to video technology. 

At the same time we needed to give the brand breathing space to grow and connect with more businesses around the world.

An authentic brand for storytelling

The prospect of rebranding was exciting, but not without its challenges. As a leader, I wanted to ensure that everyone on our team understood that rebranding wouldn’t change who we are. We just needed to be authentically ourselves and understand that being ourselves was actually good for our customers. Taking this next big step forward is a bold step for StoryTap where we’re showing our customers that we value authenticity and creativity, and that it’s okay to take risks in order to succeed. 

All of the things I mentioned aboveauthenticity, creativity, risk taking and trustare essential to helping both us and our customers succeed. Without them, we would not be able to make video storytelling an important part of how enterprises connect with audiences and grow their businesses.

StoryTap new website

In reality, today’s launch is about more than just a new website and brand. It’s an opportunity for our organization to build on the trust and innovation that our customers value so much. As you can see, we are incredibly excited to embark on our next chapter of creating a stronger future in video storytelling together with our valued customers. 

I invite you to explore our new website and brand and share with us your thoughts and feedback on social media. We’d love to hear from you.

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