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Australian Video Moderator & Non-professional Editor

Anywhere in Canada

Company Background:

StoryTap is in an exciting moment in history. We’re humanizing the online e-commerce experience with authentic video experience storytelling, on a global scale. StoryTap licenses our video technology to Fortune 500 Enterprise brands to both collect and powerfully distribute real customer video reviews, employee video stories and video answers to customer questions, at scale. StoryTap is first to market, with patent-pending technology and is rapidly growing, even during a pandemic. StoryTap has just broken into the Australian Market! 

What do you get at StoryTap?

When you join our team you will have the rare chance to contribute to the company’s early success. You’ll get to work from home, on a schedule that suits you. During peak seasons you’ll occasionally need to participate in a status meeting, but ultimately you control the ebb and flow of your day/working hours, pending the influx of videos.

What we’re looking for?

StoryTap is seeking great Australian humans who are looking for a part-time, flexible gig. With this position, you simply work when it makes sense for you and your family. This role will be responsible to actively check their StoryTap account or StoryTap slack channel, to monitor and then watch new videos that have been assigned to them.  You’ll be watching confidential videos and then making key decisions based on the content of that video and the brand guidelines on what happens to that video. You will also be actively modifying and tweaking the closed captioning to ensure it’s accurate (i.e. see and say). This person may also be responsible for learning new relevant features of the moderation tool, flagging any questionable videos, and reporting any technology bugs (it can happen!). In addition to video moderation, we’re looking for someone who has some non-professional skills with video editing, ie imovie is great! 


Video Moderation:

    • Watch videos produced in Australia
    • Course-correct closed captioning to maintain accuracy (including Aussie slang)
    • Double-check any errors
    • Flag and/or tag video for future use
    • Add videos to YouTube (via StoryTap), TikTok, Pinterest and more. Note: must be familiar with those social media platforms.

Minor Video Editing for TikTok and Pinterest:

    • We’re also looking for this person to be able to do minor video editing. We’re not looking for professional skills, but knowing your way around imovie would be ideal. ie have you ever put a family video together? That level of skill would be ideal.
  • Understanding and have experienced TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Ability to work from home on your computer
  • Some level of comfort with imovie or equivlant
  • Comfortable with working in a repetitive manner 
  • Great written English communication, grammar, and proofreading skills
  • Ability to accurately track time spent using our time tracking software
  • Be a good human, someone we all want to work with
  • Provide character and/or business references
  • Start Date: ASAP
  • Type: Remote part-time (pending video volume)
  • Work Location: Your home
  • Hourly: $20/hour CAD
  • Experience: 1 year of professional experience or a college/university degree
  • Meetings: Attending team meetings when needed (paid)
  • Paid Training: Yes
  Sounds like you? Email me at with your resume.

Our Values

These six values are core to who we are as an organization and drive what we do, and why we do it.

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We are working to bring trust to marketing, so it has to start with us.

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We have a bold vision for our future and want to share it.

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We are resourceful go-getters. We don’t find excuses; we find solutions.

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We take time to celebrate the wins, big and small, as a team.

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We believe that everyone can make a positive difference in our world, and want to be a catalyst for that impact.

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We don’t expect you to sacrifice your family for work, but support you so you can bring your whole self.