French Video Moderator


Who is StoryTap? StoryTap is a video review platform, the first of its kind. We turn videos into value, helping businesses sell better online with authentic video reviews from customers creating a better buyer’s journey. We’re trail blazers in the review space, a startup located in Vancouver BC. Role: French Video Moderator. With a perk of working from home with flexible hours. This is a temporary position with a possibility of ongoing work.

Job Description:
  • Watch french video reviews
  • Enter data about the review
  • Post the video reviews (using StoryTap)
  • Modify video details in YouTube (no prior knowledge of YouTube admin required)
  • Light translation required; taking english approved content, translating and/or using the same method to find appropriate french terms.
Job Requirements:
  • Must be fluent in French (writing, reading, listening, speaking)
  • Must have a passion for marketing (do not need to be an expert or a pro!)
  • Must have great communication skills
  • Basic understanding of SEO, a bonus! (not mandatory)
  • Must have post secondary education in a specialized or general field
Job Offer:
  • Contract is for $20/hour
  • Hours must be tracked using provided software
  • Must have your own computer & internet connectivity
  • Estimated Hours: 15 hrs a week to start

Our values


We are working to bring trust to marketing, so it has to start with us.


We have a bold vision for our future and want to share it.


We are resourceful go-getters. We don’t find excuses, we find solutions. Size doesn’t dictate our ability, mindset does.


We take time to celebrate the wins, big and small, as a team.


We believe that everyone can make a positive difference in our world, and want to be a catalyst for that impact.


We don’t expect you to sacrifice your family for work, but support you so you can bring your whole self.