Use Case


About Hartz

Hartz is a leading pet care brand in the United States and Canada, offering a full range of pet care products of the highest quality that help pet owners love their pets the way their pets love them: unconditionally. Founded in 1926, Hartz now specializes in producing dog and cat products, featuring several brands on its website, including Oinkies, UltraGuard and Delectables.

With no physical stores or eCommerce platform, Hartz relies on a network of retailers, including Walmart, Canadian Tire and others, to sell its products. As a result, the Hartz website serves as a central hub for providing product and pet care information and directing pet parents to where they can purchase Hartz products.

The Challenge

Hartz was looking for new ways to enhance engagement with their paid advertising campaigns. While they were successful in attracting potential customers, they wanted a solution to increase interaction and decrease bounce rates on their campaign pages.

The Solution

Knowing the value of product reviews and how highly engaging video content is, Hartz partnered with StoryTap to produce customer product testimonial videos via sampling, website, and loyalty programs. These authentic product testimonials are embedded on Hartz’s campaign, brand, and product detail pages (PDP) to improve website engagement and drive sales.

The use of video testimonials not only kept potential customers engaged for longer but also helped build trust and credibility with new customers, resulting in a significant boost to the overall success of Hartz’s campaigns.