Case Study

Canadian Tire Collected Thousands of Videos with StoryTap

About Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire is one of Canada’s most trusted and admired retail companies, operating in the houseware, automotive, sporting, and leisure sectors.

With over $7 billion in annual revenue, Canadian Tire has over 1,700 locations, along with an exceptional ecommerce platform, to help customers access world-class brands and market-leading merchandise for every season and occasion.

Canadian Tire on StoryTap at a Glance

  • 4,500+ customer videos collected
  • 3,500 videos indexed to Google
  • Millions of views across multiple channels

Challenges faced

In 2017, Canadian Tire conducted a survey showing that online ratings and reviews influenced 80% of Canadians’ purchase decisions and that 70% were more confident in the reviews when they came from real people.

With this insight, Canadian Tire implemented their ‘Tested For Life in Canada’ program, which offers customers a trustworthy way to find premium products that have been tested and reviewed by real Canadians for life in Canada.

At first, Canadian Tire used a high-production camera crew to physically travel across Canada to film Canadians testing products. Although visitors who viewed videos converted at a rate of nearly 18%, the cost, time and resources of the cost-to-coast video production outweighed the benefit from the increase in conversions. Because of this, Canadian Tire began looking for an alternative for their video production.


Canadian Tire implemented StoryTap’s easy-to-use technology with their Tested For Life in Canada program, which allowed customers to record their reviews from their personal device. Canadian Tire worked with StoryTap to create Story Guides to guide the video creation process and ensure that customers followed their ‘Tested For Life’ narrative.

With a panel of over 15,000 Canadians from across the country, these individuals received a free product in return for an authentic video review. Using StoryTap’s ‘story prompts’, the customers evaluate products on criteria such as ease of use, durability, functionality, and assign a star rating.

StoryTap’s entirely customizable platform allowed Canadian Tire to fully align the video collection experience with their brand guidelines and provided the company with complete legal rights to the videos for marketing and promotional purposes. Canadian Tire then used these videos for social media, YouTube, and embedded them on the relevant product pages with one line of code.


Canadian Tire has collected over 4,500 videos (and counting) with almost 3,500 of these videos indexed to Google. To date, these videos have had millions of views across multiple channels.

Shoppers can now watch authentic reviews of other customers describing the product, putting it to the test, showing what they like or dislike, and whether they would recommend it to friends and family. This has proved to be a boon for Canadian Tire to drive traffic, engagement and conversions.

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