How Enfamil Increased Quality Site Traffic and Gained Customer Insight with StoryTap

See how Enfamil used StoryTap to collect over 240 customer videos, nearly 14,000 views and rank on the first page of Google for their product reviews.

About Enfamil

Enfamil is a premium brand of formula for infants and is made by Mead Johnson, a subsidiary of Reckitt Benckiser. Over the past 40 years, Mead Johnson has been dedicated to advancing the science that shapes the future of pediatric nutrition. Mead Johnson strongly believes that proper nutrition early in life will make a lifelong difference in health.

Enfamil at a glance

  • 240+ customer video reviews collected
  • 1st page of Google with video reviews for Enfamil products
  • Under 1 year to achieve positive ROI with StoryTap

Challenges faced

When choosing formula for their babies, parents often rely on medical professionals to guide them towards the best choices. Enfamil is already the formula most recommended by pediatricians and hospitals, which allows parents to feel confident about Enfamil.

However, Mead Johnson realized that there was an opportunity to gather first-hand experience from other parents, so that potential customers could closely relate and understand the value of the product.


Mead Johnson uses StoryTap’s unique video technology to collect authentic video review stories from caretakers who purchased an Enfamil product. The company was also able to fully customize and brand the StoryTap platform, to ensure the customer experience aligned with their brand guidelines.


With StoryTap, Mead Johnson saw the following results early on:

The company used StoryTap’s email invite tool which made it easy to ask and remind their customer to record a video review. This resulted in 15.2% of recipients clicking the email and signing up to record their video. In under five months, Mead Johnson collected over 240 videos, which garnered nearly 15,000 views, and ranked on the first page of Google for their product reviews.

Enfamil Video Reviews Strategy

In addition to video story collection, Mead Johnson also gained additional insights about their customers. Though the story collection was originally directed at ‘Mothers’, Mead Johnson found that ‘Dads’, ‘Grandparents’ and adoptive parents were highly involved in the purchase decision.

Finally, Enfamil is on track to achieve positive ROI with StoryTap in under one year. By offering a coupon code for providing a video review, Enfamil was able to collect more reviews and directly attribute revenue to this campaign. With the success of their first campaign, Mead Johnson will be rolling out StoryTap with five more unique brands as well as two additional brand committed for 2021.

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