Case Study

Kari Gran transformed shoppers into buyers with StoryTap


Kari Gran is a natural skincare company based in Seattle, WA that focuses on the health and hydration of aging and dry skin for women aged 40+. For 10 years, Kari Gran has been thriving in the clean skincare industry. All products are made with organic, naturally derived, wild-harvested and non-GMO ingredients. The brand believes in “health and hydration over youth and perfection.”


The challenge Kari Gran faces is connecting with their customers directly in a personal way. The brand has thousands of 5-star written reviews but wanted to build a personal connection via
video. It goes without saying, people are much more likely to trust a recommended brand. Compared to written reviews, video reviews show authenticity that triggers an emotional response.


To overcome this challenge, Kari Gran chose StoryTap to collect authentic video reviews and host FAQ videos. Kari Gran saw value in StoryTap’s technology to harness the power of narrative to collect brand-led video reviews.


By choosing StoryTap, Kari Gran saw a dramatic shift in their customer engagement for video viewers and helped to convert fence-sitters. The brand saw success in experiencing a lift in conversion rates and website engagement after a StoryTap video was watched. As quoted by Laura Kirkland, Director of Ecommerce and Marketing, “We don’t have customers telling us how much they love our traditional reviews – but we get them calling and thanking us for video reviews”.