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Nutricia Australia Pty Limited Privacy Policy 

This Privacy Policy explains how Nutricia Australia Pty Limited (ABN 99 076 246 752) and our  related group companies (referred to here as “Nutricia”, “we” “our” and “us”) collect and manage your personal information.

We know that you care how your personal information is used and we recognise the importance  of protecting your privacy. For the purpose of being able to provide you with our products and/or  services, we handle personal information about our consumers, customers, healthcare  professionals, the personal guarantors of companies to which we supply our products, job  candidates and visitors to, or members of, our websites, mobile applications, social media pages  and other online media and digital platforms (the “Digital Platforms”). This privacy policy does  not relate to how all our Digital Platforms collect and manage personal information, but rather  how we may collect, use, store and disclose your personal information overall.

You have no obligation to provide any personal information requested by us. However, if you  choose not to, we may not be able to provide you with some of our services or products, or access  to some functionality of our Digital Platforms.





















We recognise the importance of, and are committed to, managing any personal information  (including health information) that we collect in compliance with all applicable laws, including the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (“Privacy Act”), the Australian Privacy Principles (set out in Schedule 1  of the Privacy Act) and the applicable State and Territory-based health privacy legislation. We  may also collect, use and disclose information to the extent applicable law does not prohibit it.


Where possible, we will collect your personal information directly from you. This collection  includes when:

▪ you communicate with us via email, LiveChat, telephone (including our  advisory/clinical care line, Careline, Nutricia At Home Service, and/or customer service  lines) sales representatives, SMS or social media;

▪ you interact with us on our Digital Platforms, including when you register for an  account on the Digital Platform, or send or post queries or comments;

▪ you place an order, or request certain products, samples or services from us;

▪ you fill in one of our forms, such as a customer registration form, Healthcare  Professional referral form, event registration or credit or employment application;

▪ you register for programs to receive our products and support services through the  recommendation of your healthcare professional, health facility or otherwise;

▪ you participate in research activity, promotional activity or competitions; ▪ you sign up for our marketing communications; or

▪ you otherwise correspond with us.

The information collected by us may also include personal information:

▪ collected by us through tracking your use of the Digital Platforms, as further detailed  at 8 below; and

▪ collected by us through other tracking technology, as set out at 9 below.

Where it is unreasonable or impracticable for us to collect the personal information from  you directly, or where you have authorised such collection, we may also collect your  personal information from third parties for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. For  example, we may need to collect personal information about you from, where applicable,

your specified healthcare professional(s) (for example during your registration for a  Nutricia Programme or when your healthcare professional updates your record in the  Nutricia Patient Management Database as further detailed at section 4), your associated  hospital and where applicable, your parent, legal guardian and/or designated carer or from  public agencies to verify information that you have provided to us.

We may monitor and record phone calls for quality control, fraud prevention or staff  training purposes and other purposes related to the purpose for your call. We will let you  know at the time of the call if a call is to be recorded.

You may provide information to be published or displayed (“posted”) on public areas of  the Digital Platforms or transmitted to other users of the Digital Platforms or third parties  (collectively “User Contributions”). If you use any discussion forum feature on the Digital  Platforms, be aware that any personally identifiable information you submit there can be  viewed and used by other Digital Platforms users. Your User Contributions are posted on  and transmitted to others at your own risk. We cannot control the actions of those with  whom you may choose to share your User Contributions.

Sensitive information 

In the event that we collect sensitive information as defined the Privacy Act (such as health  information), we will only do so with your consent or in accordance with and as permitted  under the relevant privacy legislation. Generally, we will not collect sensitive information  about an individual unless the individual consents to the collection of the information and  the information is reasonably necessary for one or more of our functions or activities.

Children’s personal information  

We have no intention of collecting any personal information directly from minors, although  parents or guardians may voluntarily provide us with information relating to their children.  A parent or guardian may contact us at any time if they have any questions or would like  to make a request in relation to personal information we hold about their child.


The personal information we collect varies depending upon the purpose of the collection  and the product or service we are providing you. You should assume that when you provide  us with information that we will retain it, unless we explicitly advise you otherwise.  Generally, we collect the following types of personal information from you:

▪ contact information, such as name and surname, email address, address and phone  numbers;

▪ account login details, such as your user ID, email username and password. This is  necessary to create a personal user account on one of our Digital Platforms;

▪ communications with us, which may include details of our conversations via email,  LiveChat, telephone (including our advisory/clinical care lines, Careline, Nutricia At  Home Service, and/or customer service lines) or sales representatives, SMS or social  media;

▪ demographic information, such as your date of birth, gender, age/s and gender of  your child/ children, and lifestyle preferences. Lifestyle preferences may include your  preference for some of the products or services we offer, and your interests related to those products or services;

▪ pregnancy information, such as your due date and date of conception (where  applicable);

▪ information related to your health including, without limitation, your medical history  and prescription history including diagnosis, your feeding regime as recommended by  your healthcare professional (e.g. dietitian), the name and type of product you will be  utilising as part of the dietary management of your condition, the amount of product  you will utilize per month, images and data about your feeding arrangements collected

by Nutricia personnel who attend your home, as reasonably necessary to provide you  with appropriate care to the extent required for the purposes set out in this Privacy  Policy;

▪ the name and contact details of a designated carer (where applicable);

▪ information to support the processing and delivery of product and/or service orders;  ▪ access information, such as IP address;

▪ social media profiles;

▪ usage of our Digital Platforms, including the content you access and any services you  utilise (such as search queries entered, pages you have accessed, date you accessed,  location when accessed and as more particularly described at sections 8 and 9 of this  Privacy Policy below);

▪ information about people other than you, such as personal information about your  patients, family members or dependents when you provide such information directly  to us;

▪ credit-related information (such as your credit history, trade references, credit reports,  any credit rating or credit assessment derived from a credit report);

▪ any other information you voluntarily provide to us (this may include health  information); and

▪ other records of your dealings with us.

We may also collect personal data about you indirectly when you share content on social  media pages, websites or applications related to our products or services or in response  to our promotional material on social media.

Additionally, for certain purposes, such as where you apply for employment with us, we  will collect additional personal information such as your employment history, educational  history and employment references.

We may also collect personal information about third parties from you, such as personal  information about your family members, so that we can provide products and services to  those third parties. If you provide personal information about a third-party individual to  us, you must ensure that the third-party individual is aware of this Privacy Policy,  understands it and agrees to accept it. If you provide personal information about a third

party individual and that individual does not have the capacity to understand and agree to  these terms (for example, a child), you warrant that you are authorised to disclose that  information to us for our collection, use and disclosure for the purposes set out in this  Privacy Policy.

When we collect credit card information, we do not retain a written record of that  information. However, we do enter the details into our third-party credit card payment  gateway hosted by Payment Express (in the case of Nutricia at Home), or Adyen, who may  store the information. These third parties’ privacy policy and contact details can be found  at: www.paymentexpress.com and www.adyen.com.


We will collect your personal information, so we can provide you with the best online  experience and to provide you with a high quality of customer service. Your personal  information may be used by us for any purpose which is stated to you at the time of  collection, or that you otherwise authorise, and for the following purposes:

Customer Care:  

▪ to communicate with you and respond to information that you have requested or have  registered for;

▪ to verify your identity when you communicate with us regarding your account or for  use of our Digital Platforms, and to assist you if you forget your username or password  for any of the services we provide to you via the Digital Platforms;

▪ to authenticate the identity of individuals contacting us by telephone, electronic  means or otherwise;

▪ to place and process your orders, to process your payment, to provide you with your  order status, order tracking and to deliver your products;

▪ to send you products, prescribed or otherwise requested;

▪ to contact you regarding changes in products or services related to your Nutricia  Programme(s);

▪ to contact you regarding service due date of equipment (where applicable); ▪ to contact you regarding the follow-up of equipment loaned to you (where applicable); ▪ to conduct address verification or credit checks for invoicing and billing purposes;

▪ to provide you with further information about us or other Digital Platforms or goods  or services offered by us or third parties which we consider may be of interest to you;

▪ to keep the Digital Platforms relevant and of interest to users;

▪ to customise the Digital Platforms to your preferences and to show you advertising  and information that is most relevant to you and your interests based on the  information you have provided to us or we have otherwise collected;

▪ to understand and assess the interests, wants, and changing needs of customers, to  develop and improve our products, services, communication methods and the  functionality of our Digital Platforms, this may include visits from Nutricia  Representatives (where applicable);

▪ to carry out marketing, promotional and publicity purposes including direct marketing,  market research and surveys;

▪ to assist in providing better services to you by tailoring them to meet your needs;

▪ to process and deal with your enquiries and requests or to contact you to answer your  questions and/or requests; and

▪ to assess and handle any complaints or for general customer care purposes. Sales Promotions, Competitions, Surveys and Registrations to attend our events: 

▪ We may collect personal information when you respond to one of our promotions,  competitions or surveys, or when you register to attend an event, organised by us or  via a third party, for example in order to inform you if you have won a prize, to place  you on a guest-list to the event, to provide associated support with your attendance

at the event, and to help us better understand what products and services you would  like to receive information about in the future. Entry to a promotion or competition is  usually conditional on providing the requested information. If the information is not  fully supplied the entry may be void.

Market Research: 

▪ We may collect personal information for market research, consumer insights for our  products and to understand consumer tastes and preferences.

Direct Marketing: 

▪ We may collect personal information to send personalized communications and keep  you updated about news, information and events, including new product launches and  major campaigns.

Nutricia Product & Patient Support Programmes: 

▪ We use and disclose the information you provide about yourself for the purposes of  conducting and managing the Nutricia Programme(s) in which you participate. We  collect personal information (including health information) about you from your  healthcare professional(s) and/or hospital for the purposes of:

− assisting with the management of your condition health requirements and  nutritional care;

− providing you our products and/or services that you have requested or have  registered for;

− registering you for, and providing to you, our services or programmes (such as  the Nutricia at Home Service and any other Nutricia Product or Patient Support  Programme you are to be registered for).

▪ If you participate in a Nutricia Programme, we will include personal information we  collect about you (including your health information) in the Nutricia Patient  Management Database. This Database relates to all relevant programmes provided by  Nutricia, including the Nutricia at Home Service and all other Nutricia Product or  Patient Support Programmes. The Nutricia Patient Management Database enables us  to adequately support and service patients, carers and their respective healthcare  professionals.

Credit assessment, reporting and debt collection purposes: 

▪ We may collect personal information about you and your credit arrangements to  assess your credit application (including to decide whether or not to accept you as a  personal guarantor of a business to which we may supply our products on credit).

▪ We may also use your personal information to collect payments and debts, including  to exercise a guarantee if there has been a credit default. We may obtain and disclose  your personal information to, and from, credit reporters and debt collection agencies to, obtain or assist with, their credit reporting and debt collection services and for our  credit assessment and debt collection purposes. In applying for credit, you agree and  authorise that we can do so.

Administration and legal purposes 

▪ We also collect personal information for internal record-keeping, accounting, IT and  administration purposes and as required or authorised by law or a court / tribunal  order, and to protect our legal rights.

If you provide information to us for a specific purpose, for example to apply for  employment with us, we will use the information for that purpose.

Please note that only de-identified information/data (data where you cannot be personally  identified) will be utilised for the purposes of internal training, market research, marketing  planning, analysis, profiling and statistics.


We may disclose your personal information to third parties to carry out our business  activities and functions consistent with this Privacy Policy and applicable law. This may  include, but is not limited to, disclosure:

▪ to your specified healthcare professional(s), associated hospital(s)/health facility and/or nominated carer to assist them with the management of your health  requirements and nutritional care and ensure patients are provided and delivered the  correct products;

▪ to your healthcare professional(s) and/or hospital’s/health facility’s overarching Health  Care Organisation (for example the relevant State Health Authority), where it is necessary to continue with the management of your health requirements and  nutritional care;

Please note we will rely on the details of your healthcare professional and  hospital/health facility being up to date and share information with that healthcare  professional or hospital/health facility on that basis. If you change healthcare  professional or hospital/health facility and no longer consent for your information to  be shared with the recorded healthcare professional or hospital/health facility, please  advise us in writing so we can update our records.

▪ Via the Nutricia Patient Management Database (CRM Platform), your healthcare  professional and/or hospital/health facility will be able to access your information held  by Nutricia for the purposes of assisting with the management of your condition and  nutritional care. We limit access to the personal information we hold about you in the  Nutricia Patient Management Database to your healthcare professional, associated  hospital/health facility and relevant Nutricia personnel, except where we are legally  required or authorised to allow another person to access it;

▪ to our employees, related companies, contractors or service providers that perform  specific services or functions on our behalf, for the purposes of operating our Digital  Platforms or our business, fulfilling requests by you, and to otherwise provide products  and services to you including, without limitation, credit reporting providers, data  management platforms, CRM platforms (both consumer and HCP), Nutricia Patient

Management database, HCP verification company, email marketing platforms, web  hosting providers, IT systems administrators, mailing houses, couriers, logistical

companies, payment processors, data entry service providers, electronic network  administrators, debt collectors, and archivists;

▪ to suppliers and other third parties with whom we have commercial relationships  (including outsourced and cloud service providers), for business, marketing,  maintenance, distribution of our products or samples including pharmacies for the  purposes of fulfilling orders via prescription, and other related purposes;

▪ to referees whose details are provided to us by job applicants;

▪ to professional advisors such as accountants, solicitors, insurers, lawyers, auditors,  business advisors and consultants on a confidential basis;

▪ to any other third parties notified to you at or around the time we collect your personal  information;

▪ to other third parties for the purposes you have consented to;

▪ to third parties where we believe it is necessary or appropriate to comply with any  applicable law, regulation, government request or to facilitate court proceedings; or

▪ otherwise for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy.

As a company with international links, we may disclose your personal information outside  Australia to Nutricia affiliated entities and overseas third-party service providers, including New Zealand, Singapore, China, Japan, France, Ireland, United Kingdom, The Netherlands,  and the United States. We take reasonable steps to ensure that any organisations which  we disclose your personal information to, whether local or overseas, are subject to  appropriate contractual obligations to safeguard and protect your personal information and  comply with all applicable privacy laws.


Should you wish to participate in one of our customer membership programmes, we will  collect (as part of the registration process) your name, surname, address, email, phone  number and other information applicable to the type of membership (for example, products  you currently use or feeding regimes). This is used to present products and services that  may suit your needs and interests. As a member, we may send you an email to inform  you about nutritional information, news, activities and products and services. You will be  asked whether or not you wish to opt into such communications and can opt out at any  time.

Where this feature is available, members can amend, update, and adjust personal  information by personally using their username and password anytime they wish. If you  forget your login name and password, you may go to the main page or member registration  page and click on “Forgotten Password.” The program will bring you to the “Forgotten  Password” page. You will need to type in the email address or phone number used in  registration, and the program will send your login name and password to your registered  email address or phone number automatically.


Should you wish to participate in one of our professional membership programmes, we may collect (as part of the registration process) your name, surname, address, email,  phone number occupation or employer details and other information applicable to the type  of membership. This is used to present products and services that may suit your needs  and interests. As a member, we may occasionally send you an email to inform you about  scientific information, news, activities and services. You will be asked whether or not you  wish to opt into such communications and can opt out at any time.

Where this feature is available, members can amend, update, and adjust personal  information by personally using their username and password anytime they wish. If you  forget your login name and password, you may go to the main page or member registration  page and click on “Forgotten Password.” The program will bring you to the “Forgotten  Password” page. You will need to type in the email address or phone number used in  registration, and the program will send your login name and password to your registered  email address or phone number automatically.


As you navigate through and interact with our Digital Platforms, we may use automatic  data collection technologies via a third party to collect certain information about your  equipment, browsing actions, and patterns. Some of this information may be linked to you  personally. This information helps our Digital Platforms function correctly, helps us  understand the needs of our users and may be used for the other purposes set out in this  Privacy Policy. Examples of this information include:

▪ Digital Platform related traffic data, location data, logs and other communication data;

▪ data related to your use of the Digital Platforms. This includes the pages you visit,  the resources and services that you access; the time you spend on each page, the  date and time of your visit, referring pages (pages you came from or go to) and  statistical and other aggregated data derived from your use of the Digital Platforms;

▪ information about your device, computer and network connection, including your IP  address, operating system, hardware version and browser type; and

▪ if you allow our Digital Platforms to deliver content based on your location (for example  by enabling this feature on your mobile device or browser settings) we may collect  location data (such as through GPS, Bluetooth, or WiFi signals) including for the  automated delivery of relevant content and advertising to you.


The technologies we use for this automatic data collection may include log files, usage  monitoring software and cookies. Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored  on a user’s device that can identify the device you are working from. The cookie file gives  us details such as your IP address, platform, browser and domain (whether you are  accessing the Digital Platform from Australia or elsewhere). It has a unique ID assigned to  your device and enables the Digital Platform to remember your actions and preferences  (such as location, language, font size and other display preferences) over time. That way,

you don’t have to keep re-entering the information whenever you come back to our Digital  Platforms or browse from one page to another. Cookies can also help customize your  browsing experience. Not all cookies contain personal information but where they do, we  will treat this information as personal information data in accordance with our Privacy  Policy.

We, and our service providers, may use the information generated by cookies to  personalise your experience on our Digital Platforms, make it easier for you to navigate  our Digital Platforms, and improve your experience by storing your search, posting and  other viewing and usage history, and your login details (if you choose) enabling you to use  certain services as a registered user without having to log on each time. They also enable  us to keep track of products or services you view so that, if you consent, we can send you news about those products or services. We may also use cookies to provide you with certain advertisements and information which may be of interest to you. We may also use

cookies to measure traffic patterns, to determine which areas of our websites have been visited and to measure transaction patterns in the aggregate. We use this to research our users’ habits so that we can improve our online products and services.

You can choose to refuse cookies by turning them off in your browser and/or deleting them from your hard drive. If you disable cookies it may limit your access to some of the Digital  Platforms content and features and some cookies, such as strictly necessary cookies, are required to offer you a properly functioning site. As such, you do not need to have cookies turned on to use our Digital Platforms, but your experience may be affected.

Some of our Digital Platforms use Google Analytics, a service which transmits website traffic data to Google servers in the United States. Google Analytics does not identify individual users or associate your IP address with any other data held by Google. We use reports provided by Google Analytics to help us understand website traffic and webpage usage. By using this website, you consent to the processing of data about you by Google in the manner described in Google’s Privacy Policy and for the purposes set out above.  You can opt-out of Google Analytics if you disable or refuse the cookie, disable JavaScript,  or use the opt-out service provided by Google.


We advertise in several ways, including online through managed social media presences,  and on other unaffiliated sites and mobile applications. To understand how our advertising campaigns are performing, and better understand the visitors to our Digital Platforms, we may collect certain information via our Digital Platforms through our advertising service providers. We or our vendors use several common online tracking tools to collect information about our users, such as browser cookies, web beacons, and other similar technologies. The information we collect includes IP addresses, the number of page visits,  pages viewed via our Digital Platforms, search engine referrals, browsing activities over time and across other websites following your visit to one of our Digital Platforms or applications, and responses to advertisements and promotions on the websites and applications where we advertise.


We may allow third-party companies to collect information when you visit our Digital  Platforms. This may include information that will not identify you personally (such as  browsing behaviour, browser type, time and date) and other information such as precise geographical location and user device identification. This information is collected to provide advertisements about goods and services likely to be of greater interest to you.

The Digital Platforms may also contain links to a variety of third-party platforms and website sources. Some of these links may request or record information from users, use cookies or other methods to collect information from you. We have no control over the content or privacy notice practices of such sites. We encourage you to review the privacy  policies of such sites before engaging in any activity with them.


Our Digital Platforms may include social media features such as the Facebook like button, Instagram, Twitter and widgets, share button or interactive programs that run on our site.  These features may collect your IP address, which pages you visit on our site, and how long for. If you’re a member of a social media site, the interfaces may allow the social media site to connect your visits to this site with other personal information. Social media features and widgets are either hosted by a third party or hosted directly on our Digital  Platform. Your interactions with these features are governed by the privacy notice of the third party providing it and to the maximum extent permitted by law we accept no responsibility for the actions of those third parties.

We may provide an application programming interface (API) to enable third party applications to interface with our Digital Platforms. Some applications enable you to interact with us through the API in a way that requires you to log in. To do this, most of these applications will direct you through a process where you are able to let the application connect to your account.

If you allow an application to connect to your account on our Digital Platforms, including if you set up your account on our Digital Platform using an API with a third party social media platform, that application will be able to access information that you can see when you are logged in to our Digital Platforms. You should only allow applications you trust to access your account on our Digital Platforms.

If you set up your account on our Digital Platforms using an API with a third party social media platform, you also consent to us obtaining and using your information from such platform.


If you are using one of our mobile applications, you acknowledge and accept that we can:

▪ choose to send you “Push Notifications”. This is a message that pops up on a mobile  device at any time. “Push Notification” preferences can be configured in the

application’s settings (you have the option to disable the notification when you first  open the app, and you can also go to your mobile phone settings to disable the  notification); and

▪ access your device’s location function and collect, use and disclose this information as  set out in this Privacy Policy (you can disable the share location setting in your mobile  phone settings if you don’t want our Digital Platforms to access your location).


Any personal information that you provide to us will be collected and held by us  electronically or in paper form. We understand that the security of your personal  information is important. We will take reasonable steps to protect your personal  information from misuse, interference, loss, unauthorised access, modification or  disclosure. We maintain physical and electronic security over our paper and electronic data  storage. We also maintain computer and network security. For example, we use firewalls  (security measures for the Internet) and other systems such as user identifiers and  passwords to control access to computer systems.

If the personal information we collect is no longer needed for any purposes and we are not  required by law to retain it, we will take reasonable steps to either destroy it (in a manner  that ensures its confidentiality) or permanently anonymise it.


Under the Privacy Act you have certain rights of access to and correction of personal  information that we hold. It is important to us that the personal information we hold about  you is accurate, up to date, complete, relevant and not misleading. We may rely on  notification from third parties to update our records in the event you are unable to  correspond with us (e.g. due to incapacitation).

In certain circumstances where you can access your own personal information via an  account or membership you have with us, you will be required to follow prompts to access,  correct or update your personal information and can do so at any time by logging into your  personal account. If this option is available to you directly, we will clearly mark it for ease  of access. Otherwise you should contact us using the ‘Contact Details’ on the Contact Us  page or set out at the bottom of this Privacy Policy.

Please provide us with as much detail as you can about the information you wish to access  or correct, to help us retrieve it. We may charge you an access fee to cover our reasonable  costs of providing that information to you. We will inform you of any applicable fees before  they are incurred.

In certain circumstances, we may refuse your request to access, or correct, your personal  information. If that is the case, we will provide you with reasons for that decision unless it  is unreasonable for us to do so. We take reasonable steps to make sure that the personal  information we use is accurate, complete and up-to-date including updating personal

information when we are advised by you that your personal information has changed. We  will respond to all requests for access and/or correction within a reasonable time.


By providing us with your electronic contact details (including mobile number and email  address) you agree that we, and our related group companies, may send you commercial  electronic messages for any of the purposes set out in this Policy or otherwise disclosed to  you. We will generally ask you to opt in to receiving commercial electronic messages from  us.

We may use your personal information to send you direct marketing communications and  information about our products and services that we consider may be of interest to you.  These communications may be sent in various forms, including mail, SMS and email, in  accordance with applicable marketing laws, such as the Spam Act 2003 (Cth) (“Spam  Act”).

You consent to us sending you those direct marketing communications by any of those  methods. If you indicate a preference for a method of communication, we will endeavour  to use that method whenever practical to do so. In addition, at any time you may opt-out  of receiving marketing communications from us by contacting us using the ‘Contact Details’  or by using the opt-out facilities provided in the marketing communications, and we will  then ensure that your name is removed from our mailing list.

We may also disclose your personal information to our related bodies corporate, our other  business partners and our service providers to give you information and offers about  products and services offered by us or these companies that may be of interest to you.  Again, we will generally ask you to opt in to receiving any such commercial electronic  messages.

By opting out of receiving marketing communications, you may still receive  communications from us (such as invoices and notices) in relation to the products and  services you have purchased from us. This form of communication is not regarded as  “direct marketing” under the Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles or a  “commercial electronic message” under the Spam Act.


You may request at any time that you remain anonymous, or choose a pseudonym, when  dealing with us. To the extent that it is lawful and practicable for us to enable you to do  so, we will grant such a request. However, where you choose to remain anonymous, or  choose a pseudonym, we may not be able to provide you with some services or products.

Aside from the use of a pseudonym, all material that you post on our Digital Platforms or  otherwise provide to us must be true and correct in all respects.


In the event of a change in ownership of all or a portion of us or the Digital Platforms, your  personal information may be transferred to the new owner so that the business and/or Digital Platform can continue operations. In this event, your information would remain  subject to this Privacy Policy.


If you wish to make a complaint about the way in which we handle your personal  information, please contact our Privacy Officer using the ‘Contact Details’ set out below.  We will acknowledge and investigate any complaint promptly and will respond to written  complaints within a reasonable time from the date of receipt.

If you are dissatisfied with our response, you may refer the matter to the Office of the  Australian Information Commissioner for guidance on alternative courses of action that  may be available (see https://www.oaic.gov.au/).


We may modify this Privacy Policy from time to time to reflect changes in the law and/or  our business needs. When we make changes to this Privacy Policy, we will amend the  revision date at the bottom of this page, and such modified or amended Privacy Policy  shall be effective as to you and your personal information as of that revision date. We  encourage you to periodically review this Privacy Policy.


We take seriously the trust you put in us to properly collect, use and keep safe your  personal information. If you have any questions or comments on our Privacy Policy, if you  wish to access or correct the personal information we hold on you or wish to make a  complaint, please contact:

The Privacy Officer,

Nutricia Australia Pty Ltd,

Level 4 Building D, 12-24 Talavera Road, Macquarie Park, NSW 2113.

Alternatively, you can send an email to our Privacy Officer at


Privacy policy last updated on 15 April 2020.