Video Content for Social Media

Get a TikTok and YouTube strategy that works in 2021. Build loyalty with your followers with authentic videos created by your own customers.

Turn customer video reviews into social media sensations


Ask your customers to create video stories that explain how they feel about your products and services


Select the customer videos you’d like to repurpose for social media


We’ll ensure your videos match your brand and are formatted for each social platform

Create social media videos with impact
Social media with real people

Showcase real people

Build trust and engage buyers on social media with user generated videos created by your customers.

Boost interaction
with your brand

Expand your marketing mix beyond influencers with videos made by real customers or staff.

TikTok authentic videos

Influence the right audiences

Share your customer video stories on social platforms where your target audiences are most active.

Want to step up your video game?

Learn how StoryTap can make authentic social media video a reality for your brand.


“The StoryTap platform has been amazing. It's been so easy to collect videos and easily go through them. We've gotten so much extra feedback and content and it's been a great experience.”

Paul Kriebs

Senior Director, National Retail Federation

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