Video Q&A

Convert faster with video FAQs that answer exactly what your customers need to know about your product or or services in real time.

Crowdsource your educational content. Reduce your support overhead.

Create educational videos for every product and service.

Deliver insight that helps reduce the number of returns.

Share expert knowledge that lowers call centre volumes.

Empower your customers
with in-depth knowledge and insights

Capture customer questions

StoryTap makes it easy to capture all of your customers’ questions: simply add a script to your website or import your customers’ questions directly into StoryTap.

Review and prioritize

Quickly review and prioritize customer questions
and assign staff or experts to create video answers.

Record and publish
video answers

Simply tap a link and follow intelligent prompts to record and publish video answers to your website, YouTube, search engines and more.

Built for enterprise teams

Whether it’s driving higher online sales and customer satisfaction rates or reducing product returns and customer service overhead costs, StoryTap’s scalable video platform gives you the tools you need to grow your enterprise business.

“The StoryTap platform has been amazing. It's been so easy to collect videos and easily go through them. We've gotten so much extra feedback and content and it's been a great experience.”

Paul Kriebs

Senior Director, National Retail Federation

Convert audiences faster with the most powerful, scalable enterprise video marketing platform for every market.