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Produce authentic video stories that show how your customers feel about and use your products and services in every market across the globe.

Achieve growth targets faster. Convert more business.

Create more value with tailored video storylines that match exactly what your site visitors are looking for.

Build trust in your brand with personalized stories from your customers' peers in every market across the globe.

Accelerate the buying process with video experiences that make comparison shopping easier for your customers.

A personalized video experience for every customer
StoryTap Video Reviews

Your customer stories on autopilot

Our patented technology guides your customers with tailored prompts to help them create well-told authentic stories about your products and services—so you don’t have to.

One tap video capture

With no app to download, your customers simply tap a link and follow intelligent prompts to record and share their personalized stories in minutes.

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StoryTap Video Reviews

The right story for every market

We curate based on your approval guidelines and distribute your branded customer stories to like-minded audiences across your website, YouTube, search engines and more.

Why StoryTap

A video-first approach to increasing buyer confidence

Keep audiences on your site

StoryTap drives higher consumer engagement, keeping audiences on your website longer and away from third party video hosting websites.

Amplify social proof

Pass the microphone to your customers and let them do the talking. Customer driven videos build awareness and trust in your products with like-minded audiences.

Scale your customer acquisition

Generate personalized copyright-free video content from your customers that you can leverage to drive your marketing and lead generation across all channels.

Get discovered faster

Boost SEO and drive higher organic traffic to your website with curated videos that are automatically approved, indexed and optimized for search engines.

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Built for enterprise teams

Whether it’s driving higher online sales and customer satisfaction rates or reducing product returns and customer service overhead costs, StoryTap’s scalable video platform gives you the tools you need to grow your enterprise business.


“The StoryTap platform has been amazing. It's been so easy to collect videos and easily go through them. We've gotten so much extra feedback and content and it's been a great experience.”

Paul Kriebs

Senior Director, National Retail Federation

Convert audiences faster with the most powerful, scalable enterprise video marketing platform for every market.