How To Use Video Reviews To Sell More Products

Learn How Video Reviews Can Help Sell Your Products Easily

Did you know that video reviews can make you money? Online videos are one of the biggest online marketing trends that we believe is here to stay! Video is going to be one of your number one resources in the future. Why? because you can communicate so much more in video.  Video will be essential to a smart digital marketing strategy. The real question is how can you use video to help your business. 

How Video Reviews Help Sell More Products


Here are three ways posting video reviews online from your customers and clients can help you sell more in your business:


  1. Videos Build Trust Faster (compared to text)

Even the most well written text-based reviews can never match looking someone in the eyes and hearing them boast about a product or service. This is why video reviews are one of the best ways your potential customers can build trust in your brand and in your products. 


When you watch someone talk about a product you can see their emotion, something that is difficult to translate through text-only. You can see them and the product and discover exactly what it looks like and how it’s used. 

  1. Video Reviews Are Easily Shareable

Video outperforms text and images combined by over 1200%. People love watching videos online – Over 50,000 years of video product review have been watched on YouTube in the past two years. Videos are easy, and enjoyable, to share on social media so having video reviews posted to your social media accounts and website, helps encourage more social sharing and getting your brand in front of more people. 


  1. Videos Are The Best Social Proof

Your site visitors and potential customers crave social proof that your company and your products are legit. Building trust that your company is a good investment or that your products are a good investment can take years. However, one of the fastest ways to build trust online today is with real customer video reviews. Having a collection of real customer video reviews posted on each of your product pages feeds the craving of social proof for your site visitors as for the first time they can see and hear what others authentically think about your product and company.  

Did you know that after watching a video, 64% of people are more likely to purchase your product according to Hubspot.

To see what true, authentic video reviews from customers can look like, check out these examples from leading companies around North America.


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