Real videos for non-profits

Video generates 1200% more shares than text & images on social media. You need authentic video content for your non-profit.

Non-profits like Heart & Stroke, Cystic Fibrosis, and David Suzuki are collecting hundreds of authentic video stories and other video content for their marketing efforts. You can too!
Real videos from people across America, captured with StoryTap!

User Recorded

Turn your users into video storytellers. They record on any device, anywhere in 5 minutes.

Effortlessly Managed

Get tons of real video every month without the film crew. This content is 100% brand owned.

Socially Shared

Your users can share their video with friend and drive more watches and engagement for your non-profit.

Action Oriented

Drive a call to action like “Donate Now” directly from each video story you receive.

Video content drives results

Start collecting Video content today with StoryTap and get ongoing stories for your digital marketing.

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