How the NRF Tripled Brand Engagement at Live Event With Video

About The National Retail Federation

The National Retail Federation (NRF) is the world’s largest retail trade association, representing department stores, internet retailers, specialty stores, wholesalers and independent retailers across the globe.

The NRF’s Big Show brings visionary attendees together for the industry’s largest conference and expo. This show provides an opportunity for members to network and explore innovative retail ideas to revolutionize their businesses.


NRF big show


The Challenge

Increase exposure and create a buzz for next year’s event.


The NRF already attracts a large number of guests to the Big Show, with 40,000 industry professionals, 18,000 retailers, and 87 of the Top 100 Retailers in attendance at the annual conference.

Attendees come from around the world and represent a variety of professionals who play a large role in purchase decisions.

With such a buzzing event, the NRF realized that there was an opportunity to demonstrate the value and experience to future attendees.

They were looking for ways to grow its community for the following year’s Big Show by providing an inside look at the NRF experience for sponsors and attendees.

They wanted 50 well-told unique video stories to capture these experiences.


The Solution

Harness video technology to produce unique video stories using custom story prompts.


It was important to the NRF that the story collected for sponsors differed from that of the attendees and that each video story captured the NRF experience from each of these lenses.

As such, the NRF team worked with the StoryTap team to create unique story prompts for sponsors and attendees. By providing question prompts to guide video creation, the NRF was able to capture consistent videos to tell the desired story.

After the stories were created, the NRF used StoryTap’s technology to gather real-time 4 and 5-star event reviews, which helped demonstrate the value of the event for future attendees.



The Results

Top-ranking video stories resulting in a 3x increase in brand engagement!


Over three days, StoryTap produced and distributed 252 authentic video reviews for the NRF.

StoryTap got the NRF to the first page of Google for their event, resulting in a 3x increase in brand engagement on the Exhibitor Testimonials webpage.

These videos helped increase event exposure and gave prospective attendees deeper insight into the Big Show experience, while fueling the success of this event for years to come.

Harnessing the power of StoryTap’s video technology and custom story prompts, the NRF increased exposure for their event and saw increased engagement on their website.