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Empowering authentic videos at scale

StoryTap’s video platform collects authentic videos from real customers at scale. Use our technology to effortlessly collect, curate and distribute hundreds or even thousands of videos.

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We help collect & share real stories for some of the world’s biggest brands.
Step one: Tap

Tap into your customers, anywhere in the world

Automated Emails

Automated email system

Tap into your customers and staff to collect video stories without building complex email campaigns yourself.

Patented Technology

Intuitive video recorder

The StoryTap recording experience makes it easy to collect amazing video stories from anyone on any device.

Step two: Guide

Guide your customers to show and tell your brand story

Brand-led Stories

Guide the story customers tell

Tell your brand story through the voice of your advocates (your customers) for video that is on brand and yet unique.

Video Reviews

Collect authentic customer reviews

Collect Video Reviews from your customers at scale to get the authentic content your shoppers demand.

Step three: Curate

Curate each video for quality control

Human Curation

Ensure videos meets your needs

Ensure each video meets your brand guidelines and is accurately closed captioned by our curation team.

Closed Captioning

Human Verified Captioning

Meet accessibility requirements with human moderation so that your closed captioning is accurate.

Step four: Distribute

Distribute the videos to your channels and website

Social Videos

Create TikTok video content

Create authentic videos at scale for your social channels that outperform influencers and costs less.

YouTube Uploads

Grow your YouTube channel

Build your brand's YouTube presence with one-click syndication of your StoryTap videos and rank better on search.


Distribute your videos to the channels that matter

StoryTap is your platform for turning true stories into video content that builds trust at every stage of the consumer journey.

Reporting & Analytics

Track the impact of your videos

StoryTap gives you the reports you need to track the impact of your videos on the metrics that matter to your business.


Tap into video marketing insights, stats & news.

MarTech interviews Bernadette Butler Co-Founder of StoryTap

"Authentic content created by your customers not only captures consumers’ attention—it also triggers an emotional response."

Why Authentic Video is Important in 2022

It's time for your brand to look beyond influencers.

Kari Gran increased cart size by 50% with StoryTap

Discover the power of authentic video.

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