About Us

Turning true stories into video that builds trust

We’re on a mission to ensure our future is more truthful, authentic and real – and it’s all about video stories

Photo of founders, Bernadette Butler and Sean Braacx

Who we are

At StoryTap, we’ve put storytelling first.

Founded by Bernadette Butler and Sean Braacx, StoryTap helps brands give their customers and employees a voice by sharing video stories to increase brand engagement, conversions and retention.

With offices in Vancouver and Toronto, our dedicated team is inspiring people with a platform that puts the power of storytelling into the hands of customers and employees.

Our Values

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We bring trust to marketing, so trust needs to start with us.

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We have a bold vision for our future and want to share it.

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We are resourceful go-getters that find solutions, not excuses.

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We take time to celebrate our successes, big and small, as a team.

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We believe that we can all make a positive difference in our world.

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We support our people so they can bring their whole selves to work, without sacrifice.

Join us

We’re building a team that’s empowering enterprises with video storytelling with real impact.

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