About StoryTap

Our mission is to offer today's marketer the most powerful & flexible tools for gathering, distributing, and monetizing video reviews at scale.

Who we are

StoryTap is a Canadian company, with locations in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal and customers across North America. We help brands unlock the power of authentic stories to grow their business.

Founded by Bernadette Butler (CEO) a veteran enterprise marketer and Sean Braacx (CPO) a startup product manager and full-stack developer, we at StoryTap believe that a team of passionate individuals with hustle are virtually unstoppable.

Our values drive our business

These six values are core to who we are as an organization and drive what we do, and why we do it.


We are working to bring trust to marketing, so it has to start with us.


We have a bold vision for our future and want to share it.


We are resourceful go-getters. We don’t find excuses, we find solutions. Size doesn’t dictate our ability, mindset does.


We take time to celebrate the wins, big and small, as a team.


We believe that everyone can make a positive difference in our world, and want to be a catalyst for that impact.


We don’t expect you to sacrifice your family for work, but support you so you can bring your whole self.

Join us

We are always looking to connect with others who want to join our team and the adventure ahead.