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Introducing true video at scale. A patented data-driven video platform that upgrades text-based websites with video that features real customers and staff, increasing site sales by more than 30%

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For Marketing

Videos that drive awareness and traffic

Brands like UCLA are driving engaged site traffic

Drive Awareness
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Videos that increase conversions

Brands like Kari Gran are increasing site conversion

Convert More Users
For Customer Experience

Videos that build loyalty and retention

Brands like Enfamil are upgrading customer support

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Social Videos

Create TikTok video content

Create authentic videos at scale for your social channels that outperform influencers and costs less.

Video Reviews

Collect voice of customer reviews

Collect video reviews at scale from your customers to get the authentic content your shoppers demand.

Video SEO

Drive traffic with video SEO

Increase your visibility on Google and drive relevant traffic to your website with video content.

Video Q&A

Engaging Q&A for customers

Enable customers to solve their questions when and how they want to and avoid costly support.


Integrate with multiple platforms

Easily share videos with integrations on YouTube, Google and more straight from the StoryTap platform.

YouTube Syndication

Grow your YouTube channel

Build your brand's YouTube presence with one-click syndication of your StoryTap videos and rank better on search.


Distribute your videos to the channels that matter

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StoryTap's Influencer Consumer Trust Report

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UCLA increased return traffic & engagement with StoryTap

"The videos from the StoryTap platform were authentic and powerful, with our customers sharing a slice of their lives."

Katherine Ball, E-Business Channel Executive, Danone

Kari Gran increased cart size by 50% with StoryTap

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