StoryTap – Original, authentic user stories on video

A marketing platform for directed video at scale

Your customers already have a story about your brand. Tap into those stories with StoryTap, a video platform that directs, captures and shares authentic video stories - from anyone, globally in real-time.

Their story, your direction

Direct the story with story prompts, while producing 100% authentic videos.

Animation of user generated video being recorded.

From anyone, anywhere

Capture video stories from anywhere with wifi, using a webcam, tablet or smartphone. No special software or apps needed.

Animation of a marketing manager viewing recorded video.

Organized & easy to manage

Launching a video campaign is easy. Review performance, get the data, download in seconds, and socially share.

Used by

Brand highlights

See the power of authentic video, and hear why brands are choosing StoryTap.

David Suzuki Foundation logo

The David Suzuki foundation used StoryTap to ask people across in Canada about why they care about a healthy environment. The videos they shared have generated over 20,000 views and resulted in direct engagement with government. Follow at #fixCEPA

Facebook Post of David Suzuki StoryTap video.
Give a Mile logo

Give a Mile uses StoryTap to capture stories about why someone needs a flight to visit their loved one in need. These videos are used to drive donations of airmiles to support these life changing trips.

UCLA logo

UCLA and the Teresaki foundation are using StoryTap to capture stories about living kidney donation from donors and recipients across America. These videos drive awarness of the need for over 660,000 kidneys in the USA.

Founders Network logo

Founders Network is using StoryTap to capture testimonials about the value of their network of 600 startup founders around the globe.

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