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73% of Consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video

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Helping Hearts has changed my life ...

Watchable & Shareable

There are three kinds of video that people socially share: 1) educational 2) hilarious 3) authentic. We specialize in 1 & 3, and pride ourselves in the unpolished and unrehearsed kind of video, recorded by real people in their real environments.

I love Helen’s Hats because ...

Branded and Refreshing

Imagine having real people say your brand’s name and cite your brand’s attributes on video, in an authentic way? With guided storytelling the art is in the suggestion. Powerful stuff.

I reduce my carbon footprint by ...

Global Videography

Game changer. You can now collect hundreds of great video stories every month, from anyone & anywhere.

It’s not about one great original company video anymore

It’s about many great original videos to choose from for your social content, websites, events, newsletters, grant proposals and more. 8 Billion videos are uploaded to Facebook daily – and it’s just the beginning. Technology is changing what videos we want to watch, and therefore changing what kind of videos brands need to supply if they want to stay competitive.

When it comes to social media technology, look for video technology that aligns to the needs of both your brand and your audience.
Bernadette Butler, StoryTap CEO