StoryTap Examples

See the power of authentic video, and hear why brands are choosing StoryTap to capture their stories on video.

Canadian Tire logo

Canadian Tire is using StoryTap to collect authentic video reviews from customers across Canada. These videos are for products including barbecues, vacuum cleaners, cookware, tools, holiday decorations and so much more.

PAI Health logo

PAI used StoryTap to get video reviews from customers about how PAI is helping them achieve their health goals and fitness metrics.

Flytographer logo

Flytographer has been using StoryTap to empower their customers to create amazing video reviews and share them socially on Facebook and Twitter.

Remax logo

Remax used StoryTap to capture video submissions from Canadians about why they love their home.

Teach Away logo

Teach away used StoryTap to get videos from teachers across America who used their platform to find opportunities teaching abroad.

DesignerStone Panels logo

DesignerStone Panels is using StoryTap to capture star rated video testimonials from interiors designers, contractors and customers around the world.

Cystic Fibrosis logo

Cystic Fibrosis Canada created an amazingly powerful video for their gala using a blend of StoryTap videos and high production content.

Facebook Post of  video using StoryTap.
UCLA logo

UCLA and the Terasaki Foundation are using StoryTap to capture stories about living kidney donor transplant from living kidney donors, recipients, family and friends across America. These videos drive awareness of the need for over 660,000 kidneys in the USA.

TEDx logo

TEDxPortland used StoryTap in a custom video booth to capture stories from residents about why they should be a surprise speaker, receiving hundreds of amazing video submissions.

David Suzuki Foundation logo

The David Suzuki foundation used StoryTap to ask people across in Canada about why they care about a healthy environment. The videos they shared have generated over 20,000 views and resulted in direct engagement with government. Follow at #fixCEPA

Facebook Post of  video using StoryTap.
Give a Mile logo

Give a Mile uses StoryTap to capture stories about why someone needs a flight to visit their loved one in need. These videos are used to drive donations of airmiles to support these life changing trips.

Founders Network logo

Founders Network is using StoryTap to capture testimonials about the value of their network of 600 startup founders around the globe.

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