How a Health and Beauty Brand Educated Shoppers About Its Products With Video

About Saltyface


Saltyface lives in the space between cosmetics, tanning, and skincare to create the look that a day in the sun leaves on your skin – allowing customers to feel like their summer selves year-round. 

Saltyface was founded in 2020 by husband and wife David and Bethany. The Vancouver-based brand offers natural, vegan-friendly, cruelty-gluten-free products for our face & skin.

Their product offerings range from cosmetics, tanning products, and skincare.


allowing our customers to feel like their summer selves year round


The Challenge

Educate online shoppers about products, uses and benefits.


Saltyface was looking for a solution to answer their customers frequently asked questions (FAQs). 

As their product categories span from cosmetics to skincare, prospective customers often want to educate themselves on product use and benefits. 

As a result, they wanted an easy-to-implement solution that aligned with both customer and brand needs.



girl sitting in front of saltyface products



The Solution

Leverage video technology to embed video FAQs on product pages.

By partnering with StoryTap, Saltyface was able to produce a variety of FAQ videos for their product pages. 

Prospective customers looking to buy their products can easily search for answers to their questions and educate themselves through short videos. 

In addition, the FAQ videos seamlessly integrate with existing product video tutorials on Saltyface’s website.



saltyface video faq


The Results

Increase in conversion rates and website engagement.


In choosing StoryTap, SaltyFace saw more engagement with their brand online, including; 

  • 226% increase in time on site after a user watched a StoryTap video. 
  • 47% increase in the number of pages browsed.
  • 52% decrease in bounce rate.

The impact of StoryTap’s FAQ videos also influenced purchase decisions, including: 

  • 77% increase in conversion rate.
  • 16% increase in order size. 


Leveraging StoryTap’s video technology, SaltyFace successfully educated prospective customers with FAQ videos, ultimately boosting purchase confidence and sales.