How a Food and Beverage Brand Increased Ad Performance With Video Reviews

About Danone


Danone is a leading global food and beverage company operating in three health-focused, fast-growing and on-trend categories: Essential Dairy & Plant-Based products, Waters and Specialized Nutrition. 

Specialized nutrition includes the brands such as Karicare Toddler and Aptamil Toddler, Souvenaid and Fortisip. 

With a long-standing mission of bringing health through food to as many people as possible, Danone aims to inspire healthier and more sustainable eating and drinking practices while committing to achieving measurable nutritional, social, societal and environmental impact. 

Through its diverse portfolio of well-known brands and a commitment to innovation, Danone continues to lead the eCommerce marketplace. 


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The Challenge

Easily produce customer videos for paid social media ads.


Danone was looking for new ways to build social proof and show real experiences with their products.  

They recognized the power that authentic customer videos, like video reviews, have on social media and wanted to produce their own video stories to drive traffic to their website.  

Danone wanted to use customer video reviews and testimonials to drive shoppers to ‘where to buy’ product pages.  

But, the brand needed a quick, easy, hassle free video process to get started.


“The videos we received from the StoryTap platform were very authentic and powerful, with our customers sharing with us a “slice” of their lives.” 


-Katherine Ball, E-Business Channel Development Executive.


The Solution

Use video technology to produce video reviews and testimonials.


Danone partnered with StoryTap to generate video reviews and testimonials for four brands; Karicare Toddler, Aptamil, Toddler Fortisip and Souvenaid.

With StoryTap’s plug-and-play video platform, Danone generated thousands of authentic videos from real people – with minimal effort from its customers or staff.

StoryTap’s automated technology made it easy for Danone to get customers to record videos and made the distribution process seamless.

The Results

A notable uplift in ad performance click- through rate (CTR) on social media.


After producing customer videos with StoryTap, Danone saw a significant increase in its ad performance CTR and other critical metrics.

Key highlights:

  • StoryTap videos helped reduce cost per click.
  • StoryTap’s video reviews ranked 2nd out of 40 retargeting
    creatives tested for paid social.

Generating customer video reviews and video testimonials enabled Danone to showcase “each customer’s unique experiences with [the] product in a raw and authentic way.”

By leveraging the power of authentic customer stories and video technology, Danone created a trustworthy touchpoint for its customers, impacting engagement and its bottom-line results.


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