How a Retail Giant Produced Thousands of Customer Videos at a Lower Cost

About Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire is an iconic Canadian retail company in the automotive, hardware, sports, leisure and housewares sectors.

Each year, Canadian Tire runs the TESTED For Life in Canada Program featuring Canada’s largest consumer tester group, where real customers test products in real-life situations.


canadian tire storefront

The Challenge

Find a cost-effective solution to produce videos at a mass scale.


The TESTED For Life in Canada Program features Canada’s largest consumer tester group – a panel of thousands of customers coast-to-coast – who test products in real-life situations.  It was important for Canadian Tire to showcase the testers and products through video. 

The retailer enlisted large production companies to capture its video content. However, scale was a challenge. 

As a result, they needed to find a solution that could produce both authentic customer videos at scale and be cost-effective.

The Solution

Leverage video technology to produce thousands of customer videos.


Canadian Tire partnered with StoryTap to create video stories for the TESTED for Life in Canada campaign. 

With StoryTap’s cost-effective and seamless video platform, Canadian Tire could produce more videos at scale and garner more views on its Youtube channel. 

With the help of StoryTap, thousands of customer videos were shared through:

  • Google-searchable video landing pages
  • Canadian Tire’s YouTube channel
  • Media channels (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, SMS, Email)


video stories for Canadian tire


“It was like Storytap was tailor-made to satisfy our business challenge – almost felt too good to be true.”


– Jonathan Anderson, Associate Vice President Strategic Marketing

The Results

Reach a larger audience with customer videos while achieving 93% savings in production costs.


With StoryTap’s patented video technology, Canadian Tire could still maintain complete directional control of the videos to ensure they were on brand and aligned with the campaign strategy.

StoryTap’s video stories helped boost relevant tagging for SEO and garnered more views on their YouTube channel while driving traffic back to Canadian Tire’s website. 

  • 4,700 customer videos were shared online (search engines, youtube, social media)
  • Top 10 videos produced generated 230,000+ views 
  • Total likes for StoryTap-produced videos increased by 2.6x
  • Total comments for StoryTap-produced videos increased by 5.5x
  • Canadian Tire’s Youtube subscription rates increased by 9x 


With StoryTap’s video technology, Canadian Tire successfully met their needs for the TESTED in Life Program, producing thousands of authentic customer videos at a lower cost.