How a Vacation Photography Brand Brought Customer Stories to Life With Video Reviews

About Flytographer


Flytographer connects people with hand-picked local photographers in over 350 destinations around the globe for fun, hassle-free photo shoots.

From proposal shoots abroad to family vacation pictures, Flytographer is not just selling a service—they’re capturing their customers’ most cherished travel memories that they will look back on for years to come.


image of a family posing for a flytographer shoot


The Challenge

Convey the experience of a Flytographer shoot online through real customer travel stories.


The photography industry thrives heavily on real-person referrals, which presented an obstacle for Flytographer’s eCommerce marketplace.

They wanted to show prospective clients what a Flytographer photoshoot is like by capturing the same real-life enthusiasm you’d get from a friend raving about their experience on their website.

In addition, Flytographer photographers are highly vetted (less than 3% who apply are accepted onto the platform!). They look for top-notch photographers who are not only amazing at taking photos but who are also amazing resources for what to eat, see and do in each city. At the end of the day, they prioritized only hiring photographers who you would want to spend an hour of your vacation with!

As a result, Flytographer wanted to bring their text-based reviews to life with video.

The company sought a seamless way to get more customer reviews and authentically convey real customer stories.


screenshots of travel destinations - barcelona, santorini, maui

The Solution

Produce authentic customer video reviews and stories for the website.


While text reviews have a place in Flytographer’s marketing strategy, partnering with StoryTap brought their glowing customer reviews to life.

StoryTap helped bring immediate relevance to Flytographer by collecting genuine video reviews and capturing important travel stories.

This helped the brand own the category of travel photography services on a global scale.



“What I love about StoryTap is that it’s just so dead simple to use. We’re able to gather video testimonials from our customers in a few clicks.” 

-Nicole Smith, CEO and Founder 


The Results

12% increase in completed customer reviews on the website.


Over 100 customer video reviews were produced in the first month of partnering with StoryTap, garnering hundreds of views online. And creating a buzz on social media.

StoryTap’s easy-to-use video platform, helped boost the completion rate of Flytographer’s customer reviews by 12%. 


Harnessing the power of video technology, Flytographer successfully brought its customer reviews to life.