How a Telecommunications Giant Transformed Its Customer Experience With Video



TELUS is one of Canada’s largest telecommunications providers, with $16 billion in annual revenue and 15.2 million customer connections. 

With an extensive customer base nationwide, delivering customer satisfaction is a top priority. 

The TELUS Self-support initiative aims to provide the best-in-class customer experience by creating high-quality resources and a friendly support journey.


The StoryTap platform is easy to work with in order to get the team started on video POC.” - Daniel Heeb, Group Product Manager at TELUS


The Challenge

Driving digital adoption in an initiative to offer more self-service resources online.


TELUS wanted to conduct a proof of concept (POC) using video for self-service content on their internet support pages. They were looking for an easy way to quickly produce and embed tons of video on the website. 

But, the brand faced limitations in finding the right platform, people, resources, and budget to get started. 

As a result, they were looking for a simple solution to bring the self-service video POC to life.


two images of a woman and one of a woman and man


The Solution

Use video technology to produce FAQ videos for online support pages.


TELUS partnered with StoryTap to produce self-service video content for the website. 

Using StoryTap’s video technology, TELUS produced on-brand videos aligned with the video POC goals. 

StoryTap’s plug-and-play platform made it easy to produce and distribute hundreds of videos online without the added costs of a dedicated film crew or production equipment.




“StoryTap is an easy solution that allows us to host videos at scale.”

– Anita Yuan, Product Manager at TELUS


The Results

23% increase in website page engagement!


Based on A/B testing, TELUS saw an increase in page engagement. 

StoryTap’s video embed and search box feature provided insight into TELUS customers’ questions and guidance for future FAQ video content. 

On the other hand, the ability to tag videos made it easy for the team to manage their library of videos and the ability to scale the collection of videos in the future.


Using StoryTap’s video technology, TELUS successfully brought their self-service video POC to life, improving the customer experience online and increasing critical website data with video.