Case Study

TELUS Case Study


TELUS is one of Canada’s largest telecommunications providers with $16 billion annual revenue and 15.2 million customer connections. With an extensive customer base nationwide, delivering customer satisfaction is a top priority. The TELUS Self-support initiative aims to provide the best-in-class customer support experience by creating high-quality support resources and a friendly support journey.

By partnering with StoryTap, TELUS conducted a proof of concept (POC) using video for self-service content on their Internet support pages. StoryTap Q&A Video effectively boosted page engagement and increased user confidence in digital support resources.


As TELUS moves towards offering more self-service resources, the challenge faced is driving digital adoption. The brand wanted to conduct a POC using video for self-service resources but faced limitations in the platform, people, resources, and budget.


TELUS partnered with StoryTap to collect Q&A videos and FAQ videos at scale to create self-service content for their support pages.


Based on A/B testing, TELUS saw an increase in page engagement by 23%.