How a Skincare Company Transformed Shoppers Into Buyers With Video Reviews

About Kari Gran


Kari Gran is a natural skincare company based in Seattle, Washington, focusing on the health and hydration of aging and dry skin for women aged 40+. 

For ten years, Kari Gran has thrived in the clean skincare industry. All products are made with organic, naturally derived, wild-harvested and non-GMO ingredients. 

The brand believes in “health and hydration over youth and perfection.”


skincare as it should be



The Challenge

Connect with online shoppers personally beyond written reviews.


Kari Gran has thousands of 5-star written reviews, but the brand wanted to build a personal connection with its shoppers. 

It goes without saying that people are much more likely to trust a recommended brand – which is why online reviews are so powerful. 

But, compared to written reviews, video reviews show authenticity that triggers an emotional response, helping shoppers build confidence to buy. 

Kari Gran was looking for a way to connect its brand values directly with shoppers who can’t touch or smell its products via video.


The Solution

Use video technology to produce customer video reviews.


Kari Gran partnered with StoryTap to produce thousands of authentic customer video reviews for its website and product pages. 

Harnessing the power of StoryTap’s video technology, Kari Gran produced brand-led video reviews that shared real customer experiences – helping online shoppers buy confidently.


We don’t have customers telling us how much they love our traditional reviews – but we get them calling and thanking us for our video reviews.”

 – Laura Kirkland, Director of eCommerce and Marketing


The Results

Online shoppers converted into confident buyers!

With video reviews on their website, Kari Gran saw a dramatic shift in customer engagement and helped to convert fence-sitters into buyers. 

Consumers who watched a StoryTap video had better conversion rates;

  • On average, spend 33% more per order
  • 2x more likely to purchase 
  • 30% increase in conversion for all SPF products 

And better engagement rates 

  • Video watchers browsed 3x more pages than those who did not watch a video
  • Session duration on the website was 6x longer for video watchers
  • Less likely to exit webpages

Leveraging StoryTap’s video technology, Kari Gran successfully increased their online sales through the power of customer video reviews.

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