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Supercharge your video SEO with video content optimized to drive traffic, boost rankings and raise awareness.

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Customers see through ‘fake’ ads

Customers are struggling to find the authentic video they crave. Social media has become saturated with picture-perfect content, and customers can see right through it. As influencers continue to use #ad or #sponsored on their posts, customers are losing trust in their authenticity.


Expand reach with videos created by real people

Use the voice of your customers to collect authentic videos and embed them to your website. StoryTap’s video embeds are optimized for SEO and designed to drive traffic to boost your content's visibility. Then, repurpose the videos and share them on social media as a cost-effective alternative to high production video fees.


True stories have unlimited possibilities
for every brand

Video Reviews

Collect authentic customer reviews

Collect Video Reviews from your customers at scale to get the authentic content your shoppers demand.

Video SEO

Drive traffic with video SEO

Increase visibility on Google and drive relevant traffic to your website with highly optimized video content.

Website Embeds

Embed videos on your website

Generate more customer engagement and boost search rankings with video embeds directly on your website.

YouTube Uploads

Grow your YouTube channel

Build your brand's YouTube presence with one-click syndication of your StoryTap videos and rank better on search.

Customer Experience

Engage with Video Answers

Empower your customers & employees to ask questions and watch Video Answers online to minimize costly support or training fees.


Share video content on social

Easily share videos to social channels like TikTok after recording a video on StoryTap to outperform influencers and save costs.

Unlock the power of Video

Contact sales and learn about how we can drive measurable business results with authentic video for a fraction of the cost. .

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