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Video stories
that drive brand awareness

Give consumers authentic video content that resonates with who they are for more engagement at a fraction of the production cost.

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Awareness Challenge

Customers see through “fake”

Resonate in a more meaningful way. Gone are the days that a brand tells consumers what they are. Communities influence communities and consumers influence consumers. Brand videos tend to be staged and usually show zero imperfections, so it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. Customers are increasingly seeing #ad or #sponsored on influencers’ posts that typically feel fake or done just for money.

Awareness Solution

Resonate in a more meaningful way

Incorporate the voice of your customers into your marketing mix through video stories. From TikTok to Twitter to branded organic posts, the videos can be reused in all facets of your marketing strategy for a fraction of the cost of high production, with higher engagement.


True stories have unlimited possibilities
for every brand

Brand-led Stories

Guide the story customers tell

Tell your brand story through the voice of your advocates (your customers) for video that is on brand and yet unique.

Video Q&A

Engaging Q&A for customers

Enable customers to solve their questions when and how they want to and avoid costly support.

Video Embed

Add video on your site, faster

Drive engagement and site conversions with video by keeping visitors on your site longer, without the development cost.

Video SEO

Drive traffic with video SEO

Increase your visibility on Google and drive relevant traffic to your website with video content.

YouTube Syndication

Grow your YouTube channel

Build your brand's YouTube presence with one-click syndication of your StoryTap videos and rank better on search.

Social Videos

Create TikTok video content

Create authentic videos at scale for your social channels that outperform influencers and costs less.

Unlock the power of Video Stories

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