Why Authentic Video is Everything in 2024

The way consumers view and value content is rapidly changing. In 2024, transparency and authenticity are at the core of consumers’ values. 

For those brands and businesses that don’t pivot with the trends, growth will likely stunt, resulting in a drop in traffic, conversion rates, and sales. 

We know that today, video is key to selling almost anything online. Statistics show that 86% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service after watching a video. 

But it’s not just any video enticing shoppers to take action. It’s relatable, real and authentic videos made by real people – like UGC customer video reviews and video FAQs – that convert shoppers into buyers.

An impressive 75% of people say they’d buy more from a website with video reviews on their product pages.

So, what is it about authentic videos that make shoppers more inclined to buy? 

It’s relatable, real and authentic videos made by real people convert shoppers into buyers.

The Power of Authenticity in 2024

Simply put, authentic videos are trustworthy.

When shoppers can see and hear the faces and voices of real people, they’re more inclined to trust what they are saying is true. After all, people trust people more than brands. 

UGC video reviews, in particular, give other customers a platform to share their true experiences authentically. They are excellent at visualizing how products look, feel, and perform up close, making for unfiltered, genuine and trustworthy content. 

Not to mention, video reviews create social proof that shoppers can rely on to help make purchase decisions. Authentic videos connect with consumers and give them the confidence to take action and buy. 

So, what kinds of authentic videos can you create to build trust and drive conversion with your audience? 

Types of Authentic Videos to Create in 2024:

Types of Authentic Videos to Create in 2024

UGC Video Reviews

As mentioned above, video reviews made by real people are one of the best types of authentic videos because they build trust. UGC video reviews help prospective customers get insights into the products they’re browsing and feel confident about their purchase enough to follow through to checkout. 

But it’s important to remember that it takes more than just one video review on your website to convert shoppers. Today’s shoppers binge-watch multiple videos, with 82% of people binge-watching 2-10 videos before buying. 

Here’s an example of a UGC video review:


SIMONIZ PLATINUM 2300 PSI Electric Pressure Washer review by Nicolas

Video FAQs

Video FAQs are another type of authentic video that your brand needs in 2024. They eliminate buying barriers by giving shoppers the answers they need to buy with confidence. 

Video FAQs are typically recorded by real staff and act as self-service content that customers can look to when they’re seeking quick answers about your products or brand. For example, information about your return policies or step-by-step instructions on how to fix a broken product. 

Here’s an example of a video FAQ: 


TELUS | How do I change my alarm code or door lock code? (by Tyler)


How-To Videos

Similar to video FAQs, authentic how-to videos give shoppers more information about your brand’s products and services quickly and in-depth. Examples of how-to videos can be UGC videos created by real customers showing others how to use products. How-to videos can also be created by staff showcasing best practices and tips when using new products. 

Here’s an example of an authentic how-to video:

Little Giant KingKombo Ladder video review by Jaso


Demonstration Videos

Demonstration videos are another example of authentic videos that showcase products up close. They can be step-by-step demos on how to set up products, repair or even apply them.

In the world of social media, unboxing videos are a great example of demonstration videos in action. Real customers create these by showing their followers a point-of-view of them unpacking their orders for the first time. 

Here’s an example of an unboxing video: 


White sneakers review by Jennifer


Video Stories

Similar to UGC video reviews, but with more emotion, video stories share the real-life experiences of your customers. They can be incredibly impactful in converting new customers and boosting brand trust. Great examples of authentic video stories include real people sharing their experiences with products or services that helped them overcome personal struggles or achieve success.

Here’s an example of a video story: 

Legion Veterans Services testimonial by Dana

Meet StoryTap’s Video Platform

While many brands still spend on high-production marketing videos, the truth is that authenticity is what resonates today. 

Having your real customers and staff create videos is an effective way to connect with your audience in 2024. The best part is authentic videos are easy to produce with StoryTap. 

StoryTap is the leading eCommerce video platform that automates the production and distribution of binge-worthy videos at scale. 

The platform is automated and easy to use, allowing you to produce thousands of authentic UGC customer video reviews and video FAQs from your real customers and staff. 

Brands who use StoryTap see an average 40% increase in conversions among video viewers. 

Chat with our team today to learn more.

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