Top 5 Questions to Ask in a Testimonial Video

It goes without saying that it’s much easier to trust someone who isn’t trying to sell you something. In fact, stats show that 90% of people are much more likely to trust a recommended brand (even from strangers). Brands have a tremendous amount to be gained by tapping into the testimonials of their own happy customers to promote their products or services.

When customers produce their own videos to explain how they feel about products, other consumers feel they are generally telling the truth. According to a marketing study by Ascend2, customer testimonials are the most effective type of video content. Unfortunately, the same study also found that marketers said testimonial videos were the hardest type of content to create.

Whether or not you’re producing testimonials with the help of StoryTap’s award-winning platform, the right questions will be key for gathering impactful content. Your goal is to formulate questions that will get the most emotion, the most “realness” and the most relatable story from your subject. Here below are five suggested questions to ask your customers and helpful tips for an impactful video testimonial.

Testimonial Questions to Ask Your Customers


1. What was the issue before you found our product or service?


Every solution starts with a problem. This first question should encourage your customer to paint a picture of what was not working out before they found your brand. The more relatable their story, the better – they definitely aren’t the only ones experiencing this problem (whether that’s dry skin, a too-heavy vacuum, or a glitchy phone). You’ll want to quickly get the attention of anyone else who might be in the same boat. 

2. What were your hesitations or obstacles in finding the right product or service for your needs?


Maybe it was hard to find a solution to their issue at all. Or maybe the market is saturated with options and it was hard for your customer to choose just one. There are always obstacles in the buyer’s journey, and it’s valuable to hear about them. Have your customers share all their hesitations and what made them overcome them to choose your brand. It will (hopefully) convince other consumers to do the same. One benefit to this is that you can also pick up tips for improving your marketing strategy. For instance, if your customer was Googling specific keywords and it took a while to find your brand, you may want to consider optimizing your website to include those keywords and help other like-minded customers find your brand.

3. What made you choose our brand over other options on the market?


Here’s where your subject can share what made your brand stand out or why they chose to pull the trigger to purchase your product or service (and, with any luck, convince others to do the same). Were your prices more affordable than other brands? Does your product offer an important feature that others don’t? Do you have a money-back guarantee? Ask this question in hopes of having your testimonial video subject share any USPs (unique selling points) that might be worth highlighting.

4. What has been the positive chance since purchasing our brand’s product or service?


If there’s one question not to miss, it’s this one. Here is where you’ll aim to capture the rave review that details exactly how your brand helped solve a problem and delight your customer. It’s the genuine emotion here that will convince other potential customers that your product or service can work for them, too, and give them the same positive end result. If possible, ask about specific features along with this question. Is your product easy to use? Is your customer service impeccable? Is your formula vegan and all-natural? Ask about what added benefits your customer has enjoyed since trying your product or service.

5. Why would you recommend our brand?


Lastly, give your happy customer the opportunity to express just why other consumers should follow in their footsteps and consider your product or service. This is what testimonials do best – convince people to give your brand a try in an authentic way that feels more like a friendly suggestion than a branded advertisement.

Keep your video testimonial simple with StoryTap


Testimonial videos are one of our strengths at StoryTap. Our user-friendly automation platform makes it simple to create branded customer testimonial videos using the questions you want answers to. Plus, one important benefit of using StoryTap is the ability to produce testimonials from specific demographics, which lets you produce video stories that are the right match for your target audience. Learn more about StoryTap and book a free demo to see how your brand can create impactful video testimonials that convert consumers into customers.

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