Shop the Look Videos: How to Drive Add-to-Cart Sales on Your Website

Chances are you’re looking for more ways to drive sales on your website. We don’t blame you!

Any retailer’s ultimate goal is to get online shoppers to checkout. But it takes work—and lots of video.

 If you’re doing eCommerce right, you already have videos in your back pocket. (Please chat with us ASAP if you don’t). 

If we had to guess, we’d say you’ve got some high-production videos, influencer videos and hopefully UGC videos you post on social media. While that’s the right place to start, it’s not the end all be all. What you should be doing is using videos on the most powerful tool in your regime: your website. 

You may be thinking, well, I already have videos on my site, and it’s not improving sales. That might be the case now, but remember, it takes more than placing just any video on any page. You need unlimited binge-worthy videos that encourage shoppers to buy. 

Sounds like a lot of work, right? What if it didn’t have to be? 

At StoryTap, we’re making it easy with our latest Shop the Look video solution. 


What is Shop the Look Video?

Shop the Look is a shoppable video solution designed for websites that lets visitors browse and buy featured products directly from a video. 

While traditional shoppable videos feature clickable buttons that direct viewers where to buy, Shop the Look videos take it one step further. 

Now, you can let your web visitors browse all products featured in a video when they click the ‘Shop the Look’ button. They’ll get insight into product images, prices and descriptions and be able to add them directly to their shopping cart from the video. 

Take a look at what we mean: 


New product drop. Shop the look videos gif


Shop the Look makes it as easy as a few clicks for your web visitors to add products to their cart – driving more sales for your brand!


What Videos Can I Turn Shoppable With Shop the Look?

The beauty of Shop the Look is that it can be used with any video on your website. 

Influencer marketing videos are ideal for Shop the Look because you can feature all the items mentioned for your web visitors to browse. Let’s say you’ve got an influencer doing a try-on haul of your products. You can feature every product in the Shop the Look pop-up, whether two or ten. 

It’s the perfect addition to help web visitors find the products influencers review and even create looks they can shop for. The best part is that you can use the influencer videos you already have, saving you time and money. 

Pro tip: personalize ‘Shop the Look’ buttons to relate to your products and customers. Brands like Plantsome use the feature with ‘Shop Plants’ as a call to action.


Shop the Look videos on the Plantsome website


What Will Shop the Look Videos Do For My Brand?


Advantages of Shop the Look Videos on Your Website


Now you know what it is and how it works, but what are the advantages of adding Shop the Look to your videos? Here are a few: 


1. Improve the Shopping Experience

You want to drive sales? Then, make it easy. Shoppers are busy people, meaning they don’t have time to go through multiple steps in the customer journey to buy. They want to get it done quickly. 

Shop the Look simplifies the purchase process by making it effortless to add to cart and checkout. It speeds up the shopping experience for your shoppers while helping you get more products in basket quicker than ever. 

Shop the Look pop up showing the plant product featured in the video


2. Encourage Multi-Product Buys 

The simpler your shopping experience, the more likely your shoppers are to actually checkout. With Shop the Look, you can encourage them to checkout with more than one item in their cart. It’s simple: the more products featured in your video, the more options they have to browse and buy. 


3. Gives You Valuable Data 

The most impressive feature of Shop the Look (in our opinion) is the insight you get into your video performance. We’re talking about video analytics!

The StoryTap platform lets you dive deep into the data to see which videos drive sales. You can even see which influencers or creators are selling the most for your brand. It’s easy and detailed and helps you optimize your content to drive the most video ROI on your website.


performing creators report


Drive Add-to-Cart Sales With StoryTap’s Shop the Look Videos

Shop the Look is the latest advancement in video commerce that revolutionizes how brands sell online. By letting web visitors browse through all products featured in a video, brands will see increased conversions and sales on their websites. 

The StoryTap video platform makes it easier than ever to produce unlimited and shoppable videos. 

StoryTap is the leading shoppable video platform that helps eCommerce brands become binge-worthy with UGC video reviews, video FAQs, video stories, and Shop the Look influencer videos. 

The technology features solutions that help brands sell more, faster. StoryTap customers see an average +40% increase in conversions among video viewers. 

Book a demo with us today to learn more about Shop the Look videos.

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