How to Create the Best Employee Recruitment Videos

Now more than ever, marketing yourself as an employer is key to hiring the best talent and staying ahead of competitors. Job candidates want to know and trust the company they’re applying to work for: Stats show that 75% of job seekers research a company online before applying and 24% of them consider company culture to be an important factor.  Employee recruitment videos can quickly convey your workplace culture and values in an engaging way. Job postings with video have a 34% greater application rate than those without videos, and LinkedIn has reported that video is shared 20X more often than any other type of content on the networking platform. If you’re not using video as part of your talent acquisition strategy, now is the time to start.

How to Create the Best Employee Recruitment Videos

Believe it or not, you don’t need a huge budget or a studio to create video content that makes your company shine. Here below are five tips to creating stellar employer branding videos.

Tip #1: Leverage your employees

Nobody wants to watch an overly-polished corporate video that feels stuffy and staged. Your employees are humans with real stories, real emotions and (hopefully) real cool stuff to say about your workplace. Rather than directing your employees (or worse, directly telling them what to say), start by asking about what they like the most about working at your company, along with any specific stories and anecdotes. You’ll be surprised at the genuine gold you can find by just asking the right questions.

Tip #2: Keep it concise

A good rule of thumb is to keep videos below two minutes (that’s when a viewer’s attention span drops off). Short and engaging videos are easy to digest, easy to remember and easy to share. If you’ve got lots of great content produced, it doesn’t need to go to waste—you can create multiple videos to live on your site, on YouTube, and on social media. A larger collection of shorter clips (instead of one longer one) is ideal for boosting your site’s visibility and SEO rankings.

A viewer's attention to span drops off at 2 minutes. Keep your videos short so they are easy to digest and easy to remember!

Tip #3: Plan questions strategically

To get the best stories and emotion out of your employees, avoid generic questions (think: What do you like about X Company?). Instead, dig a little deeper to find out what makes your workplace unique and positive in the eyes of your staff. Plan thoughtful questions ahead of time to get the most valuable (unrehearsed) answers and testimonials. Here are some questions that might encourage some engaging employee content for your HR recruitment video:

  • What made you decide to join [company]?
  • What three words would you use to describe the culture at [company]?
  • What does your regular workday look like?
  • What’s your favorite part of working at [company]?
  • How can you see yourself growing at [company]?
  • Tell us about a work project (past or current) that made you proud or excited.
  • Why would you recommend [company] as a place to work?

Tip #4: Answer candidate questions

What are people Googling about your company? Do your research (try a query tool like Answer The Public) to find out if there are any major questions or topics that stand out. If so, do your best to get answers to these and include them within your videos. With short videos that answer frequently asked questions, you’ll get more views and shares on your videos—they’ll likely even end up at the top of Google search engine results pages. Plus, applicants will connect with your company when they find answers to their questions as quickly as they come to mind.

Tip #5: Include the important stuff

What kind of past experience should candidates have? How should they learn about new roles or send in their application? Don’t forget to include a quick call to action with every video. This can be just a few seconds but it should encourage job seekers to click through to your website (and ideally a specific career section).

Templated Recruitment Video Creation

If we’ve convinced you that your company can benefit from employee recruitment video (it can!) but you’re not sure where to start, that’s where StoryTap fits in. StoryTap is a video automation platform that makes it easy to create authentic, engaging HR recruitment videos starring your own employees. Our customer success crew will help you plan questions and create simple storyline prompts. A user-friendly interface (with no app download required) makes the filming process quick and easy for your employees so you can produce (and share) content that makes your company stand out from the crowd.

Promoting Your Employee Recruitment Videos

Each and every StoryTap video is reviewed and tagged with rich metadata to make it to the top of search engine results. Embedding videos onto your site is ultra-easy, and from there, each one can also be shared on social media (including LinkedIn). Videos can (and should) also be shared to YouTube to take advantage of its audience of over 2 billion, but we recommend promoting videos embedded on your site to send users back to your company career page.

Bottom line

StoryTap is a story-led video automation tool that produces authentic video stories that build brand trust, increase engagement and connect with job candidates. All videos are yours to keep and use on YouTube, social media, and even media buy. Book a demo with our team and we’ll show you how StoryTap can change the way you hire.

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