Video Reviews vs Text Reviews: What's Better For Your Online Store?

You can’t underestimate the impact of customer reviews in eCommerce.

They’re a trusted source for shoppers and are pivotal in guiding buying decisions. 75% of people say they’d buy more from a website with video reviews on their product pages. 

While most online stores feature written reviews on their websites, video has become a new standard for getting information in 2023. 

The pandemic triggered a shift in consumer behavior from reading to watching. Years later, it still impacts how we access info in every way, even how we shop.  


The shift in consumer behavior from reading to watching impacts how we access info in every way, even how we shop.


As the world continues to shift towards video, the best review strategy remains up for debate: text reviews or video reviews. 

When comparing the two, it’s not hard to see why video reviews are at an advantage.

Video reviews are undoubtedly more authentic than text reviews and overcome the stigma of fake reviews floating around online. Videos are also more engaging than text and grab attention in a way traditional reviews can’t. 

That’s not to say that written reviews aren’t effective at all. They still have a place in an eCommerce strategy. But alone, text reviews don’t meet the demand for more videos by shoppers. 

So, what are the key differences between the two, and what makes video reviews better for your online store?


Video Reviews vs Text Reviews: Why is Video Better?


Why are Video Reviews Better?



1. Video is More Authentic

The biggest challenge with text reviews is authenticity. There are millions of fake reviews online that are either sponsored, written by bots or phony contributors. As a shopper, it’s hard to determine which reviews to trust as genuine or not. 

Video reviews, on the other hand, ooze authenticity. They highlight the voices and faces of real people and give them a platform to share their true experiences. Video reviews also provide a clearer picture of how products look and perform up close. Seeing and hearing from real customers helps build a stronger sense of trust among shoppers and builds confidence.


2. Video Captures Attention

Compared to text reviews, video is more effective at attracting shoppers. This goes back to how consumer behaviour has changed. Shoppers are watching videos to learn about new products, not reading. 81% of people say they prefer to watch a video review over reading a text review.

Video reviews also align with the type of content going viral on social media. Short-form videos created by real people, aka UGC videos, are all the rage online. Shoppers resonate with them because they’re relatable, trustworthy and binge-worthy. 


81% of people say they prefer to watch a video review over reading a text review.


3. Videos Engage Shoppers Longer

Once you’ve captured attention, you’ve got a good shot at keeping people engaged longer, especially with binge-worthy content. 35% of people are likely to binge-watch multiple videos in a row. 

You can hook your audience in with video reviews and get them binge-watching on your product pages. The longer shoppers are on your site, the better your web metrics will be. 87% of marketers say video has increased dwell time on their website. 

Comparing video reviews vs text reviews, text is less effective at keeping shoppers engaged. In 2023, it’s likely shoppers will skim written reviews vs reading them through. 


4. Videos Rank Higher on Search

It’s not a secret that search engines prioritize video in search results. With quality videos optimized for SEO on your site, you have a real opportunity to supercharge your rankings. Google’s video tab in search increases the likelihood of finding videos online. 

Videos are also highly shareable. 51% of people are likelier to share videos than any other type of content. When people share your videos, it can contribute to increasing your online visibility and driving more traffic to your website.


51% of people are likelier to share videos than any other type of content.


5. Video Converts More Than Text

Video reviews are better for driving conversions than text, and it’s measurable. 86% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service after watching a video.

You can also turn video reviews into shoppable videos that direct shoppers to ‘where to buy’ pages with custom calls to action. Shoppable videos make the purchase process seamless and, when compared to text reviews, are more effective at getting shoppers to take action and convert.


6. Videos are Personalized

Video reviews come with the ability to filter reviews by more than one or five-star ratings. With videos embedded on product pages, shoppers can filter through tags based on story type, shopper profile or product.

For example, a shopper looking for a product unboxing video can easily navigate your product page and watch the video that best matches their interests. Text reviews, in comparison, are limited to filtering by review ratings.


video reviews with personalized video filters



7. Videos are Quick and Easy

Video reviews give your shoppers information how they want it: instantly. Compared to text reviews, video reviews are faster at getting messages across, making them ideal for your online store. 

In addition, video reviews are also quick and easy to produce, contrary to popular belief. 35% of retailers avoid producing videos because it’s too time-consuming, and 25% because it’s too expensive. 

While that once was the case, today, producing video is widely accessible, especially when using a video platform. Leveraging video technology makes it easy for your customers to share their experiences without blowing your budget.



Produce UGC Video Reviews With StoryTap

When comparing video reviews vs text reviews, it’s clear that video is better for your online store. Videos are more authentic, trustworthy and engaging than text. 

To get the most out of your video reviews, you need to produce as many as possible. Using video review technology can make the entire process easy. 

StoryTap is the leading video review platform that automates the production and distribution of UGC video reviews. 

Step into the future of eCommerce with video reviews on your product pages. The platform requires just one line of code to embed reviews on your site without affecting page speed. 

Already using text reviews? StoryTap works with review platforms to combine text and video reviews, embedding videos seamlessly above text. 

Brands that work with StoryTap see a +40% increase in site conversions among video viewers. 

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