Next Generation Product Pages: How Customer Video Reviews Will Increase Conversion

A product detail page (PDP) can make or break a sale. 

It’s where shoppers learn about product features and benefits, reference customer reviews, and ultimately decide whether or not to make a purchase.

With so much riding on the effectiveness of product pages, eCommerce brands must constantly look for new ways to enhance them and drive sales. 

Introducing the Next Generation of Product Pages: Customer Video Reviews.

In 2023, using customer video reviews on PDPs will help eCommerce brands increase online sales while boosting site engagement and reducing bounce rates. 

It’s time to elevate your product pages and move towards creating a dynamic video experience. 

Keep reading to learn more about the next generation of PDPs. 


The Shift from Text Reviews to Video Reviews

It’s no secret that people are watching more than they’re reading. Consumer behaviour has undeniably shifted towards watching videos, with consumers of all ages binge-watching daily. In fact, 73% of consumers say they prefer to watch a video to learn about new products, compared to 11% who prefer to read. 

The demand for video has translated into all areas – from social media, to customer self-service and even to how we shop. 86% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy after watching a video. 

So, when it comes to helping shoppers decide to purchase, using video on product pages is a no-brainer. But the key is using the right kind of videos.


73% of consumers say they prefer to watch a video to learn about new products.


eCommerce brands need trustworthy customer videos (popular with consumers on social media today), like UGC video reviews and video FAQs. 


Why Use Customer Videos on Product Pages?

Ultimately, customer video reviews will convert shoppers into buyers faster than text-based reviews. 

For one, video reviews are highly engaging and personal–especially compared to text. Not to mention more trustworthy. 

Watching a customer talk about their real experiences with a product is much more compelling than reading about it and more influential too. So much so that 75% of people say they’d buy more from a website with video reviews on their product pages. 

In addition, videos on product pages deliver personalization for shoppers. Videos let shoppers easily navigate through PDPs and learn about different products or services that align with their specific interests.

Video is also accompanied by tons of analytics essential to eCommerce brands. Diving deep into video analytics will help businesses identify which videos are performing best and deliver insights on how to improve strategically. 


Types of Trustworthy Videos to Use on PDPs

Types of trustworthy videos to use on PDPs: video reviews - real, genuine, unscripted to win shoppers over. Video FAQs - eliminate barriers to buying by giving shoppers answers to their questions right away.


Video Reviews: Real, genuine and unscripted is how to win shoppers over. Video reviews are highly effective at converting sales because they resonate with shoppers emotionally. And deliver social proof they can trust to help them decide to buy. 

Video FAQs: A common barrier to online shopping is needing more information before confidently making a purchase. Video FAQs eliminate barriers to buying by giving shoppers answers to their questions right away. 


Best Practices for Using Customer Videos on Product Pages


Customer video reviews should be embedded into product pages in a way that is easy for customers to find and use.


Prioritize Evergreen Content: Producing evergreen content ensures your videos remain relevant and valuable to your audience over time. Helping to establish your brand as a reliable source of info and ultimately increasing sales. 

Keep Videos Brand Safe: Trustworthiness is the key to producing effective video reviews. But that doesn’t mean you should compromise on brand safety. Instead, stick to using video reviews that are brand led and align with your goals. 

Make Videos Easily Accessible: Customer video reviews should be embedded into product pages in a way that’s easy for customers to find and use. Ideally, they should sit seamlessly above text-based reviews, with clear calls to action so shoppers know to watch them. 


Produce a Next Generation Product Page With StoryTap

Producing trustworthy customer videos that are automated, brand-led, and data-driven is easy with video technology. 

StoryTap is the leading eCommerce video platform that automates the production and distribution of binge-worthy customer video reviews and video FAQs, helping brands sell more faster.

Powered by patented video technology, the video platform is equipped with unparalleled video analytics, giving you the power to make data-driven decisions that drive ROI. 

With customer videos on your website, you’ll unlock deep data for performance without slowing down your page speed. 

Chat with us today and learn how you can drive online sales with customer video reviews on your product pages. 

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