4 Ways a Video Library Will Benefit Every Part of Your Business

August 4, 2022

The key to a successful video strategy is creating ongoing videos at scale. After all, 94% of users say that videos help them make purchase decisions

But far too often, brands fail to maximize their video content‘s potential because they don’t store it properly. In corporate spaces, videos tend to be saved on individual computers, and varying versions get shared across different departments. As a result, videos get lost in the shuffle of emails and are often forgotten about or become inaccessible. 

This is where a video library comes in handy.

Imagine having one location for your video content—a digital warehouse where all your videos are stored and easily accessible to your internal teams. 

What is a Video Library? 

A video library is a central resource hub to help brands manage their video content. Think of it like a personal YouTube channel that’s privacy controlled and branded with company colours and logos. 

Video libraries serve as a universal location where internal teams can easily retrieve videos, add new ones and repurpose content for any need.

Sounds ideal, right? But you might wonder, does my brand really need a video library? Or, what can we use it for? 

3 Ways to Use a Video Library

1. Store Video Content

If you’re using video strategically, you’ve got hundreds – even thousands – of videos at your disposal. So, properly storing the content is key.

Whether it’s customer testimonials, how-to guides or video answers, you need somewhere to put all your content, and a video library is the solution. With all your videos in one place, it’s easy to keep track of the content you already have or what you need to create. 

2. Organize Video Content

Sort, search and categorize content in a video library to find what you’re looking for.

Create folders for categorization, like a designated folder for user-generated content (UGC). Filter or search through a video library to find relevant videos. Let’s say your sales team is looking for a specific testimonial video. With automated filters and a search bar, they can find it quickly. Plus, sort videos by date or the number of views for easy navigation and access. 

3. Seamlessly Collaborate & Share Videos

You’ve got your videos in one place and can organize them with filters and folders. Now it’s time to retrieve the content you need and share it. 

Video libraries allow for seamless collaboration between internal teams. No more going back and forth on emails asking for the latest video version. Instead, people can go to one place to see what they need when they need it. In addition, it’s easy to share videos externally as all content comes from the same place. 

Now you know how to use it, but why does your brand need it?

Here Are 4 Ways a Video Library Will Benefit Every Part of Your Business:

Here are 4 ways a video library will benefit every part of your business: greater privacy & access control, track performance with video analytics, access ongoing video content, save on storage and server costs.

1. Greater Privacy & Access Control

Control who can see, share or edit your video content. A video library gives you the liberty to control everything from page access to privacy settings. Having complete control over your library means better control over your content. For example, if there are videos you don’t want to be shared online, you can change the privacy settings so that the marketing team can’t get their hands on them. 

With a video library, you don’t have to worry about changing policies, terms or conditions, which is common on platforms like YouTube. Instead, you’ll have peace of mind knowing all your videos are secure under your control. 

2. Track Performance with Video Analytics

Creating video content isn’t enough. You must track video performance to see how many people watch and interact with your content.

Video libraries offer insightful analytics that reveals a slew of information your team can use. For example, find out how many views your videos have, where they’re being watched and if they’re shared online. With analytics, you can optimize your video marketing strategy to do more of what’s working and less of what isn’t.

3. Access Ongoing Video Content

With a video library, you’ll never be short of content. Think of it like a never-ending stream you can sort through, choose from and repurpose at any time to meet your immediate needs. 

You’ll have access to evergreen content that you can use for a sales pitch or even a throwback post on social media. 

4. Save on Storage and Server Costs

Videos can take up storage space and raise costs to host on your website. With a backend video library, you can reap the benefits of having all your content in one place without using up storage or increasing fees. 

Start a Video Library with StoryTap 

StoryTap’s video technology makes it easy to create authentic video stories from customers and employees at scale. With hundreds of videos at your fingertips, StoryTap builds a custom-branded video library to store and organize your content. 

You have full control over privacy settings and access to your videos. Pop into the library anytime to access all of your marketing videos in one convenient place. StoryTap hosts the library, so you don’t have to use your storage or pay server costs. 

When you have loads of content, you’ll need a video library. Chat with us for more information to get started.