How FAQ Videos Improve Customer Experience (And Reduce Call Center Volume)

August 6, 2021

When it comes to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) page, every brand faces the same struggle – you know you need one, but probably don’t know what needs to be on it.

So you try your best, by adding lengthy descriptions of your return policy and shipping information. But, if you guess what customers will want to know about your product, the end result is usually a text-heavy page that hurts your eyes just to look at. Or maybe you’ve transitioned to a “modern” chatbot with pre-programmed answers.

Let’s face it: Few of your customers are taking the time to read your FAQ page, and stats show that people are frustrated by chatbots because they know how limited they are (and nearly half the time won’t even bother looking for their answer through one, instead opting to talk to a real person). 

But here’s the thing – your customers want to help themselves. According to recent stats, 69% of customers prefer to attempt to solve their own problems before reaching out to support. 

The Problem With FAQ Pages

As you take a look at your own FAQ page, think about your answers to these questions.

  • Is your FAQ page buried deep within your e-commerce website? 
  • Are these questions really answering what your customers are asking?
  • Is your page text-heavy? 
  • Does it offer an engaging experience? 
  • Does your page show the real product or service experience?
  • Is there enough information to reduce calls into your call center?

Many brands’ FAQ pages are actually not optimized – most only provide surface-level answers to questions about returns policies, payment methods, installation how-to’s and contact information. While all this is important stuff, the true purpose of your FAQ page is to quickly answer customer questions, so they don’t have to call into your call center. 

Here’s where video FAQs come in handy. 

Why FAQ Pages Need Video 

smarthome security support faq page Q&A & FAQ videos

What can be conveyed in a 30-second video FAQ far exceeds what is conveyed in a wall of text (which your audience isn’t even reading, TBH).

Instead, why not give your customers engaging video content that answers their questions visually? Especially when it comes to tech, installation or usage questions, video is crucial to avoiding the help desk call. 

Stop Guessing What Your Customers are Asking

There are a couple legitimate ways to build up your bank of FAQ videos. You can review user-submitted questions that have been posted, emailed or called in to your call center. You can also solicit questions from customers or followers in a survey shared via social media or email.   

Don’t forget that while FAQ videos are great for answering pressing questions during the consideration and purchase stages of the customer’s journey, they’re also important for product support after a customer has already made their purchase. Which brings us to…

FAQ Videos for Self-Service

Make your customer’s digital cx as seamless as possible and they’ll respect you much more for it. You can do this by creating a self-service portal with video FAQs on your website. You might even encourage repeat business and brand loyalty with FAQ videos on your page—a win-win for you and your customers. Your customers would rather find an answer quickly on their own rather than waiting on hold at a call center. Their time is valuable – quit wasting it. 

The Benefits of Video on Your FAQ Page

Adding FAQ videos to your page provides several benefits, such as:

  • Improving the overall customer experience with helpful information that is quick and super engaging.
  • Answering specific customer questions so your call center isn’t bombarded, while reducing costs (Some of our clients put the cost to the call center at $10/phone call!) 
  • Providing extra context for online purchases, especially in instances where customers can’t try on or handle an item in person. This is especially helpful for clothing or cosmetics retailers.
  • Increasing online visibility on Google and other search engines. Video provides SEO benefits that helps your website and product pages rank higher, making you more discoverable (and ultimately increasing your website traffic).

Let Video Upgrade Your FAQ Page

StoryTap gives you all the tools that you need to create compelling FAQ videos. Our story-led video automation tool that creates authentic, engaging videos starring your own customers or staff. For FAQ videos, your staff are invited via email to share their know-how in a quick, prompted video. With customized storylines and an ultra user-friendly platform, anyone can feel comfortable filming their answer. 

Need proof that it works? StoryTap’s video platform helped Telus lower their call-in rates by over 20% in just a few weeks. Schedule a demo and we’ll show you how StoryTap can turbocharge your brand growth, keep your customers happy and reduce call center volumes through FAQ videos.

Looking for more info about video and customer experience? Download our Digital Customer Experience Report today!