How Video FAQs Elevate the Customer Experience and Reduce Call Volume

Every brand faces the same struggle with the frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. You know you need one but are unsure about what needs to be on it.

So, you try your best by writing lengthy descriptions about your return policy and shipping information. But, what you’re left with is a text-heavy page that is hard to navigate.

Let’s face it: your customers aren’t reading your FAQ page. 

They simply don’t have the time or patience. Why would they when they could just as easily find the answers on YouTube?

Today’s customers want quick ways to help themselves. 79% of consumers are likely to self-serve when they have issues or questions about a product or service.



The Problem With Text-Based FAQ Pages

Most companies don’t optimize their support pages for today’s consumer. People are binge-watching videos more than ever before, yet most FAQ pages are still walls of written text.


54% of people say they prefer watching a video FAQ over reading a text FAQ.


As you look at your FAQ page, consider your answers to these questions.

  • Is your FAQ page text-heavy? 
  • Does it offer an engaging experience? 
  • Is your FAQ page buried deep within your eCommerce website? 
  • Are the questions listed answering what your customers are asking?
  • Does your page show the real product or service experience?
  • Is there enough information to reduce calls to your call center?

Remember, the true purpose of your FAQ page is to support your customers how they want. In today’s fast-paced world, that’s through video.

In fact, 54% of people say they prefer watching a video FAQ over reading a text FAQ. Using videos will transform your FAQ page from a skim-worthy to a binge-worthy customer experience.

Here’s where video FAQs come in handy.


What are Video FAQs?


Video FAQs are videos that address common customer questions or concerns, typically recorded by real employees.


If you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘video FAQ,’ don’t panic. Most brands haven’t caught onto the magic just yet.

Video FAQs address common customer questions or concerns, typically recorded by real employees. Rather than having customers read answers, FAQ videos show them solutions visually.


video FAQ embed


What is conveyed in a 60-second video far exceeds what is conveyed in a wall of text (which your audience isn’t even reading, TBH).

So, what are the advantages of video? And why should you add them to your FAQ pages?


The Benefits of Adding Video FAQs on Your Support Pages


Benefits of Adding Video FAQs to Support Pages



1. Compliment the Customer Journey

Video FAQs are excellent additions to the consideration, purchase and retention stages of the customer journey.  Adding videos on your product pages establishes confidence in potential customers, especially when paired with UGC video reviews. They eliminate barriers by addressing questions shoppers may have before buying.

Most importantly, FAQ videos keep customers satisfied once they’ve purchased. Using videos in the retention stage can create a positive digital customer experience that builds lasting loyalty.



product page with video reviews and video FAQs



2. Support Self-Service 

This brings us to our next point. Customers want to self-serve. FAQ videos transform your support pages into evergreen self-service portals that customers can access anytime. Trust us, it’s what they want.

57.5% of consumers say they prefer using video to solve their problems because it’s easier. People would much rather find an answer quickly online than wait on hold for a call center rep or speak to a bot.

The faster and easier they can access the information they need, the better their customer experience with your brand. FAQ videos help you achieve the convenience your customers are desperate for, supporting their desire for self-service.

Here’s an example of an FAQ video that supports self-service by TELUS:



3. Reduce Call Center Volume 

Once you’ve established resources for self-service, the natural outcome is fewer calls coming into your support centre.

Video FAQs can quickly become resource savers for both time and money. With more people finding answers online, they’re less likely to call you. 66% of video marketers say video has helped them reduce support queries.

Video is especially helpful in avoiding the help desk call when answering tech, installation or usage questions. Think about it: it’s much easier to watch someone show you how to do something than to listen to someone explain it.


66% of video marketers say video has helped them reduce support queries.


4. Build Lasting SEO Value

Another great advantage of video FAQs is the SEO value they bring to your website. Adding videos to your site can increase your visibility on search engines like Google. Google continues prioritizing videos, making FAQ videos essential for enhancing your website’s discoverability and ranking on result pages.

Your website analytics are also bound to increase with more people self-serving on your support pages. Specifically, metrics like time spent on page and session duration will see an increase as more people watch videos on your website. This can have positive impacts on your SEO performance as it signals to search engines your content is relevant and valuable.



screenshot of a google search showing video results



5. Nurture Brand Advocates

We covered how FAQ videos can nurture prospective customers through the first four stages of the customer journey, but it doesn’t end there. They can also be powerful tools for turning your customers into brand advocates.

When you offer seamless user experiences with FAQ videos, customers are more satisfied with your brand. This satisfaction leads to their loyalty and repeat business.

The more satisfied your customers are, the more likely they are to become brand advocates. Either by referring your business to others or leaving video reviews.



woman become brand advocate by recording video review



6. Personalize the Customer Experience

Lastly, video FAQs can be easily personalized by tailoring content to address individual customer questions or concerns.

For instance, say you sell skincare; consider tailoring your videos to show how your products resolve unique skin challenges like dryness or oily skin. Personalizing your video content will not only enhance the customer experience but also strengthen your customer relationships by creating a personal connection that resonates. In fact, 70.8% of consumers say having the ability to ask a question online and receive a video answer would improve their shopping experience.


Upgrade Your Support Pages With Video FAQs

Your customers are looking for quick, convenient and engaging answers. The solution? Video FAQs on your support pages.

But it takes more than just a few FAQ videos to see the value. You need hundreds, even thousands, of videos.

Step into the future of customer support with StoryTap, the leading eCommerce video platform.

StoryTap’s video FAQ offering taps into the voices of your real employees. Powered by AI technology, you can discover thousands of questions people are asking about your brand. So you can address what matters most to your audience.

Our video technology will distribute your videos directly to your website, supporting self-service, building confidence, retention and customer loyalty.

Connect with us today to learn more about producing FAQ videos for your website.

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