How Many Video Reviews Does Your Site Need to Convert Shoppers?

Video reviews are an integral part of an online store. They give shoppers social proof they can trust when deciding whether to buy. 

They’re compelling, informative, entertaining, and, most importantly, bingeable. 

Binge-watching has become a norm in 2023. 35% of people say they binge-watch videos daily, and 37% binge-watch 1-2 times weekly. 

It started with a phenomenon on streaming platforms and has since transcended how we consume content in every way, even how we shop. 

Nowadays, shoppers aren’t meticulously reading product descriptions to decide on a purchase. They’re watching videos on social media. 

90% of people admit they watch videos about the product they’re interested in buying. 

Yet tons of brands leave their most influential web pages free of video content altogether. 

To drive conversions, eCommerce stores need binge-worthy videos where it matters most – their product pages. 

And what kind of videos do they need? UGC video reviews. 


The Rise of Binge-Watching in Online Shopping

While the concept of binge-watching isn’t new, binge-watching video reviews is. 

Almost overnight, the demand for more videos skyrocketed. 81% say they prefer to watch a video review over reading a text review. The same goes for getting product information. 54% of people prefer watching a video FAQ over reading a text FAQ.


81% of people say they prefer to watch a video review over reading a text review


While video is an obvious solution to reading fatigue, its power runs deeper when shopping online.

Customer video reviews come to life with real faces, real voices, and real experiences. Unlike written reviews that can feel fake, video reviews build genuine connections with viewers – and it shows. 

48% of people say they prefer to watch video reviews from real people when looking to buy, compared to 13% who prefer to watch influencer videos. 

Shoppers can see customer excitement as they unbox a product, hear the sincerity in their voices as they share their thoughts, and witness genuine reactions in video reviews. They know the videos aren’t sponsored but the opinions of real people who’ve invested their time and money. 

It’s this authenticity that makes the reviews so compelling. So, it makes sense that 86% of people have been convinced to buy after watching a video. 


86% of people have been convinced to buy after watching a video.


Brands have a real opportunity to emulate the binge-watching concept with video reviews online. Why would they do that? Well, 75% of people say they’d buy more from a website with video reviews on their product pages. 

But that begs the question: how many reviews are needed to convert shoppers into buyers? 


How Many Video Reviews Does it Take to Convert Shoppers?

To answer this question, we need to dive into consumer behaviour trends. 

You might think a few videos on your product pages is enough. But, the reality of video-watching habits tells a different story.


stats from binge-worthy video report


While most people fall within the 1-5 video range, the path to conversion is far from one-size-fits-all. To keep up with shopper demand, brands must embrace the idea that you can never have too many videos.

Think of it this way: the more video reviews you offer shoppers to binge-watch, the greater the chances they’ll get hooked. 

And here’s the kicker— the more they watch, the more likely they’ll take action on your site. It’s like an irresistible magnet drawing them in, and in today’s competitive market, that’s a game-changer.



How many videos do you need? To keep up with shopper demand, brands must embrace the idea that you can never have too many videos.

Start Converting Shoppers With Video Reviews

With video reviews, eCommerce brands will turn their PDPs binge-worthy and drive conversion. The key is producing as many video reviews as possible. 

With video technology, it’s easy. 

StoryTap is an end-to-end video platform that automates the production and distribution of UGC video reviews. 

The technology is designed for eCommerce performance, with video viewers converting +40% more on websites. 

StoryTap’s video embed requires just a single line of code to distribute videos directly on your PDPs. Then, add custom calls to action on video reviews to turn them shoppable and drive conversions.


screenshot of video reviews


To ensure maximum ROI, leverage advanced video analytics to track and analyze your ongoing video performance.

Book a demo today and see the tech in action. 

For more insights on binge-worthy videos, download our latest report: Binge-Worthy Video: The Path to Conversion.

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