5 Examples of Customer Videos That Drive Sales

Customer videos, like video reviews and video FAQs, increase online sales and drive conversion for eCommerce brands.

For one, they’re an engaging way for shoppers to learn about new products and see them in action. 

Secondly, the videos can be personalized to meet shoppers’ needs. Especially when addressing unique questions or reviewing different products. 

Most importantly, customer videos put real people front and center. Allowing shoppers to hear from those who’ve purchased the products they’re interested in buying.

All of which help online shoppers feel confident in making a purchase decision. 


What Are The Advantages of Customer Videos?


By tapping into the voice of real customers, you can produce tons of customer videos that drive conversion.


By featuring video reviews on product pages, brands build trust and credibility with online shoppers. 

Video FAQs, on the other hand, eliminate barriers to buying by addressing common customer questions. 

Remember: customer videos can be more than just reviews or FAQs. 

By tapping into the voice of real customers, you can produce tons of videos that boost eCommerce sales. Including video stories,  unboxings and testimonials.

Don’t just take our word for it. Leading brands like Veet and UCLA already use customer videos on their website. 


Here 5 Examples of Customer Videos That Drive Sales


Examples of Customer Videos That Drive Sales


Video Review

The power of video reviews is that they’re authentic and trustworthy. They might even be a little messy, but that’s why they’re effective. They’re real.

Click below to watch Jovito’s authentic review of a ring light.


Screenshot of a video review of a ring light by Jovito



Video FAQ

Video FAQs give shoppers the information they need to make confident purchases fast. When paired with reviews, video FAQs can be the tipping point that gets shoppers to buy. 

Click below to watch Veet answer a common customer question. 


screenshot of a Veet video FAQ by Una



Video Story

Video storytelling is everything in eCommerce marketing because it resonates emotionally. Personal video stories from real people have the power to connect with viewers and influence their decisions. 

Click below to watch a UCLA student tell their experience on video.


Screen Shot of a video story by UCLA student Marcella

Video Unboxing

Customer unboxing videos are great ways to showcase genuine reactions to new products. They provide shoppers with a firsthand look at the packaging and quality, authentically fostering trust and influencing buying decisions. 

Click below to watch Jennifer unbox a pair of brand-new sneakers.


Screenshot of a white sneaker video review by Jennifer


Video Testimonials 

Video testimonials showcase real customers sharing their experiences and satisfaction with a product, service or brand. Testimonials are social proof gold that helps build credibility for viewers. 

Click below to watch Felipe’s video testimonial at the CX Strategies Summit event.



Screenshot of a video testimonial at the CX Strategies Summit by Felipe


Produce Customer Videos With Video Technology

By leveraging the power of customer videos, eCommerce brands will build trust, engage their audience, and influence purchase decisions among shoppers. 

Investing in video technology, like StoryTap, makes the entire production process seamless. 

StoryTap is a video platform that automates the production and distribution of customer-powered video reviews. 

With StoryTap’s technology, you can produce thousands of customer videos and distribute them where they’ll drive the most conversion, like product pages and social media. Plus, you’ll unlock advanced video analytics to track and optimize your videos’ performance for maximum ROI. 

Book a demo with us and see how video review technology makes video production easy. 

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