8 Proven Ways to Boost eCommerce Sales With Customer Videos

Are you searching for the secret sauce that will boost your eCommerce sales?

If you’re like most brands, you’ve set up your online store, written product descriptions and even have text reviews on your product pages. 

But, over time, you’ve noticed sales are slower than expected. 

And you’re left wondering what you can do to increase online sales for your business. 

Don’t get discouraged just yet. We have a game-changing strategy that will captivate online shoppers and drive them to buy. 

Say hello to the next generation of product pages with eCommerce customer videos!  

Keep reading to learn what a customer video is and the proven ways you can use them to boost eCommerce sales. 


What is a Customer Video?

Customer videos put real people front and center, allowing them to share their experiences with a brand, product or service.


Customer videos. They can be in the form of a video review, video FAQ, customer story & more.


Customer videos are powerful marketing tools for eCommerce because they build trust by providing genuine social proof that influences shoppers to buy. 

When used strategically, customer videos can directly impact conversion rate and drive more sales for your business. 


Here Are 8 Proven Ways to Boost eCommerce Sales With Customer Videos:


8 Ways to Boost Sales With Customer Videos


1. Embed the Videos on Your Product Pages

Product details pages (PDP) can make or break a sale. So, they’re typically the most important webpage on an eCommerce site. 

Most brands use text-based reviews on their product pages to build social proof. But there’s an opportunity to do more by embedding video reviews on PDPs. 

Video reviews bring your customer experiences to life and are best for building trust and credibility for your brand. 

Video reviews are engaging and capture genuine customer experiences with your products that help shoppers decide to give your brand a shot and buy. 


StoryTap video reviews embed


2. Get Authentic With Video Storytelling

The reason why customer videos are effective at driving sales is because they’re real. So lean into the trustworthiness of it all by getting your customers to tell authentic stories in their own words. 

Don’t be afraid to have your videos be unscripted and even a little messy. 

It’s what’s going to drive more sales. Because messy video is trustworthy in the eyes of shoppers. 

Through authentic video storytelling, you’ll create deeper connections that will get shoppers to resonate with your brand and ultimately buy. 


3. Turn Videos Shoppable

Once you’ve produced customer videos, take them to the next level with video shopping by transforming them into shoppable videos. 

Add clear call-to-action (CTA) buttons with links within the videos that direct viewers to relevant pages on your site. This can be product pages or add-to-cart buttons that bring shoppers closer to buying. 

By adding a simple transition between watching a video and checking out, you can significantly boost eCommerce sales. 

The key here is making the customer shopping experience easy and seamless. 



CTA button that says 'where to buy'


4. Track Essential Video Analytics

Analyzing the performance of your customer videos is essential to boosting eCommerce sales. It’s amplified when the videos are embedded on your site. 

Pay attention to key video analytics metrics like conversion rate, CTA engagement, time on page and scroll into view. 

Understanding the videos that resonate with your audience – and the ones that don’t – will help you refine your videos and maximize their impact on driving sales.


5. Answer Common Customer Questions

To boost eCommerce sales, you need to eliminate barriers to buying. Many online shoppers abandon carts because they don’t feel confident enough to purchase.

For most, it’s because they have unanswered questions. Pairing video reviews with video FAQs on product pages can alleviate these barriers. 

For one, video FAQs are more engaging than reading and are more digestible. 

Addressing common questions and product concerns delivers a better customer experience that will help shoppers take the next step, increasing satisfaction and, ultimately, more sales. 


TELUS FAQ video embed


6. Use Video in Email Campaigns

Customer videos aren’t limited to just your website; they can also be a game-changer for email campaigns. 

Take advantage of your content by including video snippets of product reviews, FAQs and even customer testimonials in your email blasts. 

Including video in emails can increase click-through rates and significantly impact conversions. 

So harness the power of customer videos to captivate your audience and boost eCommerce sales.


7. Share Customer Videos on Social Media

Increase the reach of your videos by sharing them on social media platforms that matter. Stick with video-first platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts. 

Repurposing your customer videos for social can amplify your brand’s visibility, generate buzz online and boost eCommerce sales. 

In fact, 51% of people are more likely to share videos with their friends than any other type of content. 

So, posting your eCommerce videos to social can have a big impact on your bottom line. 


8. Optimize Videos for AI-Based Search

AI-based search is here. To boost your eCommerce sales, you need to optimize customer videos for SEO so they rank in AI search. 

Because a higher ranking means more visibility on your products, more traffic to your site and ultimately, increased conversions. 

For best results, focus on choosing the right keywords for search intent, leveraging structured data and writing high-quality video descriptions. 


Boost eCommerce Sales With Customer Videos

With so many online options, capturing – and keeping – shoppers’ attention can seem impossible. 

But boosting eCommerce sales isn’t as daunting as it seems to be. 

While there’s no real secret sauce to cut through the competition, producing customer videos is a powerful strategy that will directly impact conversion.

To see your online sales skyrocket, turn to video technology. 

StoryTap is an end-to-end video platform that automates customer-powered video reviews, helping eCommerce brands sell more faster. 

Powered by patented video tech, the plug-and-play platform is designed to increase conversion, with key features including:

  • Automated & brand-led videos
  • Ownership of video rights
  • Advanced video analytics
  • Automatic video SEO
  • No web downloads or integrations

Book a demo today and learn how customer video reviews and video FAQs can boost your eCommerce sales. 

For more information about eCommerce and video, download The 2023 Future of Retail & Video report.

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