Impressions to Conversions: How eCommerce Brands Can Increase Online Sales

If you work in eCommerce, you know the competition for sales has never been fiercer. 

With so many options available, how can you make your brand stand out and increase online sales? One way is by using eCommerce videos on your site.

Think about the last time you made an online purchase. Did you watch a video about the product first? If you’re like most online shoppers, the answer is yes. 

Consumer behaviour has shifted significantly to watching videos. As a result, video has become an integral part of the online shopping experience. In fact, 89% of people say watching a video has convinced them to buy a product or service. 

But not just any video will convert a shopper into a buyer. Brands looking to increase online sales need trustworthy videos on their sites to turn impressions into conversions.


89% of people say watching a video has convinced them to buy a product or service.


What is Trustworthy Video?

Trustworthy videos feel like they’re coming from a real person and not a marketing team. A perfect example of are customer videos like UGC video reviews and video FAQs.

They are unpolished, real and maybe even a little messy. But that’s why they’re so effective – they’re trustworthy. 

Here’s an example:


Customer video reviews are so successful at getting shoppers to buy because they resonate with online audiences and build emotional connections. 

With trustworthy videos, eCommerce businesses will drive more sales, faster.


Here are 5 Ways eCommerce Brands Can Increase Online Sales:


5 ways eCommerce brands can increase online sales - enhance PDP with customer videos, create emotional connections with shoppers, build social proof with video reviews, support customers faster with video FAQ, and track performance through video analytics


1. Enhance Product Detail Pages (PDP) With Customer Videos

Online shoppers are looking to videos to find quick and engaging information they can trust. Yet, most eCommerce brands haven’t updated their PDPs in years. Instead, they still use static images and text to entice shoppers to buy. Not surprisingly, it doesn’t resonate the way it once did. 

This is where the power of customer video comes in. Enhancing product pages with engaging customer video reviews creates a more trustworthy shopping experience than static text. Video reviews deliver trustworthy info shoppers can use to help them confidently decide to buy – leading eComm brands to sell more faster. 


2. Create Emotional Connections With Shoppers

Video storytelling is an incredibly powerful tool in the world of eCommerce. Producing videos that tell real customer stories can help create emotional connections beyond just a transaction. And emotional connections can be a key factor in driving sales.

When shoppers resonate with a brand or product, they’re more like to buy and buy again. In other words, emotional connections can help brands can drive conversions and increase online sales. 


3. Use Video Reviews to Build Social Proof & Trust

There’s nothing more influential than genuine reviews from people who’ve purchased or used a product. Video reviews let real customers share their experiences authentically. Plus, they are more engaging compared to text-based reviews, allowing shoppers to see and hear excitement for the product. The social proof helps build trust in your your business, ultimately making shoppers more inclined to buy. 


4. Use Video FAQs to Support Customers Faster

A common barrier when online shopping is needing more information before purchasing. When shopping in-store, asking a sales associate for help is easy and speeds up decision-making. Online, this experience is different. In most cases, shoppers abandon carts until they get the info they need to buy confidently. 

Customer videos like video FAQs are a strategy eCommerce brands can use to support customers faster and increase online sales. Video FAQs eliminate barriers to buying by answering real-time customer questions. So, online shoppers have the info they need to make purchases faster. 


5. Dive Deep Into Video Analytics to Track Performance

You need to measure performance to unlock the full potential of customer videos and increase online sales. Tracking essential video analytics such as CTA engagement can help you understand your audience better and identify areas for improvement.

Additionally, video analytics can help you identify trends and make data-driven decisions about your video strategy. For example, maybe shoppers search for videos about specific products or ask questions you haven’t answered yet. By closely monitoring these trends, you can improve the effectiveness of your videos and drive more sales for your brand.


Start Turning Impressions into Conversions

Customer video reviews and video FAQs are powerful tools that build trust with online shoppers. By using video reviews on your eCommerce site, you will transform static PDPs into dynamic video experiences that resonate.

The key is finding the right technology partner to do the heavy lifting. 

StoryTap is the leading eCommerce video platform that automates the production and distribution of binge-worthy videos, helping eCommerce brands sell more faster. With patented video technology, you can produce thousands of customer videos that drive online sales for your business.

Chat with us today and learn how video review technology can help your business sell more. 

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