Where to Add Video Testimonials on Your Website to Boost Conversions

Video testimonials featuring your real customers are marketing gold. 

They are undeniably successful in building authentic social proof your prospective customers can trust. In fact, 88% of shoppers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. 

Video testimonials are even more effective than text-based reviews because they help build emotional relationships with viewers. Video content is more compelling and engaging and when filmed by real people, more authentic too. 

When new customers see positive video reviews and testimonials from your existing customers, they are more likely to use your services or buy a product. And this is especially true for eCommerce stores. 


Because authentic video testimonials tap into the voices of real customers and add a level of legitimacy that new customers need to make a purchase. As a result, they transform hesitant shoppers into confident buyers. In other words, video testimonials boost conversions and drive sales. 

A survey from Vocal Video found that 88% of marketers see a 10%+ increase in conversions with campaigns that feature video testimonials. And nearly half see a 25%+ increase in conversions compared to campaigns without video testimonials. 

However, asking your customers to record testimonials is just one part of the process of increasing your conversions. As a brand, you need to use your customer testimonials strategically, which means placing them where prospective customers can see them. The best place to start is your digital home, also known as your website. 

Authentic video testimonials tap into the voices of real customers and add a level of legitimacy that new customers need to make a purchase.

Why Place Video Testimonials on Your Website? 

If you’re marketing your brand effectively, everything associated with your business is linked to your website. For example, your social media posts, paid advertisements and blogs. 

Everything should link back to your site so you can drive traffic. If you’re driving traffic, you’ve got eyes on your website. So why wouldn’t you place your video testimonials here? It’s the best place to gain visibility. 

But you shouldn’t just embed videos anywhere on your site. It needs to make sense for your audience. And there are specific places you should be leveraging to get the most out of your testimonials and see your conversions soar.

Here’s where to add video testimonials on your website:

Here's where you should add video testimonials on your website to boost conversions: the homepage, dedicated testimonial page, product or service pages, and landing pages.

1. The Homepage

Your homepage is the star of your website. It’s the page that gets the most traffic from new visitors, so it makes sense to add customer testimonials here. 

Place them front and center to get the most out of your videos. For example, add the testimonial above the fold of your homepage so new visitors don’t have to scroll down to find it. Then, even if they don’t browse further, new visitors still have a chance to watch the video. Finally, make the testimonial stand out with an eye-catching cover image.

 As a bonus, add a call to action near the testimonial to drive users to other pages on your site. 

2. Dedicated Testimonial Page

It’s a good idea to have a page on your website dedicated to social proof. This is where you should add every single testimonial video you have. Use this page as a social proof hub where all your reviews are listed and easily accessible.

When consumers interact with a review, they are 58% more likely to convert.

Studies show that increasing the number of reviews on your website can boost conversion rates. For example, 50 or more reviews/ testimonials per product can mean a 4.6% increase in conversions. Additionally, when consumers interact with a review, they are 58% more likely to convert

However, you want to be sure not to overload your site with too much information. So pay attention to the layout of this page. For example, keep testimonials organized by year or industry to make it easier for consumers to find relevant reviews. 

3. Product or Service Pages

Every product or service page on your website should be optimized with a video testimonial. This is the place where social proof matters most. 

When prospective customers browse a website, they look for all the information they can find. But, unfortunately, crafted marketing messaging can only go so far, as digital-first consumers see through paid ads and sponsored posts. Instead, they want real reviews to help them make an informed purchase. After all, 90% of consumers say that positive online reviews influence their purchase decisions. 

Your customer testimonial videos should speak directly to your customers’ experiences with that specific product or service. The idea is to give your prospective customers proof that others found value in your product and help establish a level of trust that will lead them to convert.

Be sure to use different testimonials for varying products or services and include multiple videos per page to give new customers different opinions! 

4. Landing Pages

Great landing pages will help your business boost conversions. Excellent ones will be designed to help meet your marketing goals and growth targets. So why not add video testimonials to a landing page? 

Testimonials can be a crucial factor in your campaign. Especially when you make the video the first thing users see. Doing so will leave a positive impression on your brand and build credibility in the eyes of consumers. Videos like customer testimonials on landing pages are proven successful and can increase conversions by 86%!

Is Your Website Optimized with Video Testimonials? 

Adding video testimonials to your website is a proven way to offer new customers social proof and ultimately boost conversions. But, there are specific places on your website you should add them to see the most results. Prospective customers want to know that others have had successful experiences with your brand, products and services. So show them using authentic testimonials from your real customers. 

StoryTap’s data-driven video platform can help your brand create authentic videos from real people at scale. Our platform empowers businesses to tap into the voice of their customers and drive sales with authentic content. We’ll help you produce, curate and distribute the videos to the right places on your website to boost your conversions. 

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