An Easy Way to Boost Sales With Video: Introducing Video FAQ for Shopify

We’ve got exciting news! StoryTap is launching a brand new product. Let us introduce you to Video FAQ

What is Video FAQ? How is it different from StoryTap? Why should I be excited about it? How will it benefit my business? 

These are excellent questions and some that we’ve been getting from our team and customers. So now that Video FAQ is here, we want to share the answers with you. 

Let’s start with the first one. 

What is Video FAQ?

Video FAQ is a Shopify app that lets you answer customer questions on video from your online store to boost sales. 

Here’s how it works: 

1. Add questions you want to answer on the app 

Step 1: Add questions you want to answer on the app

2. Record a video of the answer, or assign to a team member

Step 2: Record a video of the answer, or assign to a team member

3. Embed the video answers to any page on your website

Step 3: Embed the video answers to any page on your website

4. See the impact of your video amplified with video SEO

Step 4: See the impact of your video amplified with video SEO

Those are the basics. But it doesn’t stop there. 

Video FAQ is built to help small businesses support their customers faster and easier with video that boosts sales for their stores.

We’ve created unique features to help you get the most out of your videos:

  • Brand your experience. Customize the app with your brand colours, fonts and logos. 
  • Get other people to record videos. Assign your staff or community to answer questions about your brand. 
  • Discover what your customers search for. Learn from your customers and improve your services with access to real-time video data.
  • Share social proof seamlessly. Share videos to social media with integrations to YouTube, TikTok & more.

That’s the bulk of what Video FAQ is and what it does. Now let’s get deeper. 

Why Use Video FAQ?

There are tons of reasons why you should use our app, starting with why we created it in the first place. 

We believe in the power of video. 

Through market research, we found that small business owners believe in the power of video too, and they want to do more with it. But, most struggle to find the time and resources to use video, especially on their website. 

So, we created Video FAQ to give small businesses a video solution that’s easy to use and drives big impacts for their business. 

What Can I Use Video FAQ For?

Images of Video FAQ on mobile phones.

So far, businesses are using the app for three main things:

1. Give Customers Answers Faster

A point of friction most businesses face is replying to their customers promptly. This is especially true for small businesses working with a team of 1-5 people. By answering customer questions on video and adding them to your website, you eliminate the waiting time for customers to get the answers they need. Instead, Video FAQ lets your customers find the information they want on your website immediately. 

2. Boost Sales by Influencing Shoppers to Buy

How often have you shopped online and hesitated to buy because you had unanswered questions? For example, will the clothes fit right? Is the food gluten-free? Or does the brand ship to my area? 

This is a common barrier online shoppers face that result in abandoned carts. With Video FAQ, you give customers the answers they need to feel confident buying. And you can do it directly from your online store. So shoppers have the answers they need to make the purchase right away. In turn, boosting sales for your brand. 

3. Reduce Time Spent on Customer Support

The biggest challenge for small businesses is time. Replying to customer inquiries can take a lot of work and waste time better spent on other tasks. Video FAQ lets you skip the back and forth on email by answering support questions on your website. So your customers can find answers to their questions without contacting you directly. 

Is Video FAQ Part of StoryTap?

StoryTap powers Video FAQ, but it is its own product with its own website and brand. So new users will need to sign up for free. Existing StoryTap customers can log in with their current accounts. 

But they won’t find the same value as they do with our StoryTap product. 

From available features to pricing and use cases, Video FAQ is designed for small businesses as a simple and easy-to-use video solution. 

Get Started with Video FAQ

Video FAQ makes it easy to answer customer questions on video. Boost sales, save time and better support your customers with our new product! 

If you’re on Shopify, getting started will be a breeze. First, install the app to your online store in a single click, then follow the prompts for a 14-day free trial. 

For more information on how Video FAQ can benefit your business, chat with the team at StoryTap today!

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