StoryTap Gives Spotlight: Women's Collaborative Hub

Women’s Collaborative Hub was among the many non-profit organizations StoryTap is proud to support through our StoryTap Gives program. Based out of British Columbia, the Women’s Collaborative Hub aimed to connect women with leaders and peers and facilitate female empowerment and leadership in the community. Their mission was to “enhance and support the best collaborative and empowering environment for youth and women from diverse backgrounds to connect, learn, and grow.”

Founded in 2016, the Women’s Collaborative Hub had quickly established itself as a trusted source of leadership, mentoring, and networking in BC for women in business, both locally and globally. WCH founders Sandra Horton, Trish Mandewo, and Dana Harvey wanted to create a space where female leaders could connect with one another and empower each other. The Women’s Collaborative Hub offered a wide range of services including networking events, workshops, and mentorship opportunities.

One of the largest events that WCH hosts was the annual Women Influencer Awards, an event that recognizes the outstanding efforts of the community’s female leaders that inspire, influence, and mentor others. There were a wide variety of award categories that celebrate female leaders including Inspirational Wonder Women, Emerging Influencer, and Exceptional Educator.



“What I love so much is being in a room filled with women and men who are all there just for one purpose, which is to celebrate and just give a high-five to all of those unsung heroes that are in our community,” says 2019 Women Influencer Awards attendee and nominee Leah Coss. “They’re all around us, and we don’t even know their names. We don’t know the impact they’re really having. We may have heard about the impact, we might have even felt the impact that they’ve had, but we don’t know who they are, and this is a moment for them to stand up and take a bow.”

In collaboration with StoryTap, the Women’s Collaborative Hub was able to integrate StoryTap’s story-led video automation technology into the 2019 Women Influencer Awards to produce video content. Our user-friendly technology was used to create videos filmed by attendees to promote the Influencer Awards, as well as produce videos where attendees recapped their experiences attending the 2019 Influencer Awards. Through WCH’s collaboration with StoryTap, Influencer Awards attendees were able to easily share their excitement leading up to the event in addition to their experiences at the event.

Women’s Collaborative Hub was just one of several organizations to benefit from StoryTap Gives, a program where non-profit organizations can use StoryTap to create authentic video stories from donors, volunteers, staff, and clients to boost fundraising and marketing initiatives. Are you a non-profit company that could benefit from our technology? Reach out to us today by emailing

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