Case Study

Danone built brand advocacy with StoryTap


Danone is a leader in the food and beverage production industry built on three business lines: Essential Dairy & Plant-Based Products, Specialised Medical Nutrition, and Waters. Specialized medical nutrition includes the brands such as Karicare and Aptamil – milk formula for toddlers aged 12 months plus, and Fortisip– a range of ready-to-drink, high energy, and nutritionally complete oral nutritional supplements.


Danone is looking to build on its brand advocacy strategy and further understand its customer sentiment. The brand was interested in implementing a process to start collecting User Generated Content (UGC) in an easy way.


To address this challenge, Danone chose StoryTap to collect video reviews and testimonials for its brands Karicare, Aptamil, and Fortisip. StoryTap was chosen because it enabled User Generated Content to be collected with minimal effort from the customer perspective, and implementation was automated from the brand perspective. Q&A videos were also collected to address frequently asked questions (FAQs) as consumers are often “seeking to educate themselves on the best product to suit their needs”.


In choosing StoryTap, Danone saw a 198.2% increase in their ad performance click-through rate (CTR) with a StoryTap video in comparison to their median CTR for all other retargeting creatives. Out of 40 retargeting creatives tested for paid social, StoryTap’s video review ranked second. With the early success of using video reviews in remarketing campaigns, further tests are being explored to extract more value from its use case. Additionally, the use of StoryTap videos helped to reduce the cost per click by 28.9%. The use of video reviews and testimonials allowed the brand to showcase “each customer’s unique experiences with [the] product in a raw and authentic way”. By leveraging the power of authentic video stories, the brand created a touchpoint for its customers which not only impacts
engagement but its bottom-line results as well.