Case Study

Flytographer Case Study


Flytographer connects people with hand-picked local photographers in over 350 destinations around the globe for fun, hassle-free photo shoots.

From proposal shoots abroad to family vacation pictures, Flytographer is not just selling a service—they’re selling the joy that comes with capturing some of life’s best moments on camera. Traditional marketing simply doesn’t cut it when it comes to conveying the emotion involved with this type of purchase. Using StoryTap, Flytographer was able to capture customer video testimonials that convey the same real-life enthusiasm and honesty that you’d get from a friend raving about their photo shoot.

The proof: Over 100 videos were collected in just the first month, garnering hundreds of views.


Flytographer was looking to bring to life their customer reviews and powerfully convey the experience of a Flytographer photo shoot, all in the challenging context of post-pandemic travel. While text reviews have a place in Flytographer’s marketing strategy, it’s through StoryTap that their shining customer reviews were brought to life with genuine emotion and the inspiring backdrops of global destinations.

The photography industry thrives heavily on real-person referrals, which presents an obstacle for the eCommerce marketplace Flytographer. The company was looking for a seamless way to collect more reviews from its customers. Additionally, there was a need to encourage more authenticity and storytelling in these reviews to help them come to life since the Flytographer experience and the value in each booking are directly tied to these real customer sentiments.


StoryTap helped bring immediate relevance to Flytographer by not only collecting genuine video reviews but also by capturing important post-pandemic stories about travel, helping Flytographer own the category of travel photography services on a global scale. In a tumultuous time when travel was ground to a halt, these stories not only helped would-be travellers understand the context of global travel and the emotion that evolved but also encouraged them to book their trips as the world began reopening.

StoryTap’s custom prompts and ultra-simple recording platform [accessible from mobile, tablet or laptop] make it an ideal tool for harnessing the genuine customer satisfaction of Flytographer customers, wherever they are in the world.