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Videos that educate and engage

Provide a better digital customer experience with video to reduce customer frustration and increase engagement.

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Poor customer experience is all too common

Customers get easily frustrated with call centers and long wait times. Hours on hold over the phone lead to dissatisfaction and poor experiences with your brand. You’ve likely tried to mitigate this issue with a self-service FAQ page, but few people read it. So instead, your customers turn to platforms like YouTube to quickly answer their questions.


Transform the customer experience with video & save costs

Elevate your digital experience with Video Answers. The StoryTap platform provides an easy solution to create a self-service video library that answers frequently asked questions. Empower your customers to find the support they need online, free up your customer service team, and reduce costly support fees.


Features that help collect, share &
optimize video to grow revenue.

Video Reviews

UGC video reviews

Produce thousands of trustworthy video reviews that give your shoppers the confidence to buy.

Video SEO

Automatic video SEO

Increase the visibility of your videos on search while driving a call to action to your PDPs.

Website Embeds

PDP video embeds

Embed video reviews directly on PDPs with a single line of code. Then turn them shoppable to drive conversion.

Video Analytics

Advanced video analytics

Track, analyze and enhance every aspect of your video performance for maximum ROI.

Customer Experience

Video FAQs

Answer common questions to eliminate buying barriers & help shoppers make informed purchases faster.


Share videos on social

Go beyond your website by repurposing video reviews on platforms like YouTube, TikTok & Instagram.

Discover the power of video review technology

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According to research, "70% of consumers said they always look for customer reviews before making a purchase online".

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