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Video stories
that build loyalty and retention

Provide better customer education and support with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on video, reducing customer frustration and increasing brand engagement.

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Retention Challenge

Poor customer experience is all too common

Customers continue to be vocal about their frustration and dissatisfaction with customer service. Your loyal customers don’t like using their valuable time waiting to speak to someone…anyone! You’ve likely tried FAQ text pages, but very few people read them or find them. Do you know what most customers are doing today? The are turning to YouTube to answer questions, quickly taking them out of your brand’s ecosystem.

Retention Solution

Enhanced customer experience made easy

Elevate your customer experience and increase website Time on Page with self-service video stories. The StoryTap platform provides an easy way to create a self-service video library that will free up your customer service team. Empower your customers to find the answers they need, building retention and long-term loyalty.


True stories have unlimited possibilities
for every brand

Video SEO

Drive traffic with video SEO

Increase your visibility on Google and drive relevant traffic to your website with video content.

Video Q&A

Engaging Q&A for customers

Enable customers to solve their questions when and how they want to and avoid costly support.

Brand-led Stories

Guide the story customers tell

Tell your brand story through the voice of your advocates (your customers) for video that is on brand and yet unique.

Video Embed

Add video on your site, faster

Drive engagement and site conversions with video by keeping visitors on your site longer, without the development cost.


Get real-time results

Get reports that breakdown the performance of your videos and gain insight into how to optimize your video strategy.


Integrate with multiple platforms

Easily share videos with integrations on YouTube, Google and more straight from the StoryTap platform.

Unlock the power of Video Stories

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