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Video stories
that increase conversions

Allows consumers to see and hear from real customers, so they are assured of their online purchase decision.

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Conversion Challenge

Online shopping can be a gamble

Customers don’t want the hassle of making a bad online purchase. Brand videos tend to be staged, so it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. Customers are increasingly seeing #ad or #sponsored on influencers’ posts that typically feel fake. Brands like yours want to use Voice of Customer (VOC) videos for eCommerce, but don’t know how to ‘make it work’ or demonstrate ROI.

Conversion Solution

Give shoppers the confidence they need

StoryTap makes incorporating the voice of your customers through video seamless and simple. Utilize your customers and give shoppers the social proof that they need to be converted into buyers. The opportunities are endless with StoryTap videos: repurpose your stories and use them to grow your marketing strategy, anywhere from TikTok to Twitter or FAQs to branded organic posts!


True stories have unlimited possibilities
for every brand

Brand-led Stories

Guide the story customers tell

Tell your brand story through the voice of your advocates (your customers) for video that is on brand and yet unique.

Video Reviews

Collect voice of customer reviews

Collect video reviews at scale from your customers to get the authentic content your shoppers demand.

Video Q&A

Engaging Q&A for customers

Enable customers to solve their questions when and how they want to and avoid costly support.

Social Videos

Create TikTok video content

Create authentic videos at scale for your social channels that outperform influencers and costs less.

Video SEO

Drive traffic with video SEO

Increase your visibility on Google and drive relevant traffic to your website with video content.


Integrate with multiple platforms

Easily share videos with integrations on YouTube, Google and more straight from the StoryTap platform.

Unlock the power of Video Stories

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