4 Ways Retailers Can Use Video to Create a Seamless Shopping Experience

The state of retail is ever-evolving. 

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, buying online was once a necessity, with in-store shopping taking a backseat. But as the world recovers, the pendulum is swinging back towards in-store shopping.

2023 data shows a whopping 64.4% of consumers prefer shopping in-store, with only 35.6% opting for the online route.

But here’s the thing: eCommerce isn’t being left behind. On the contrary, shopping online has plenty of advantages for retailers and consumers.

So, how can retailers bridge the gap between online and offline shopping? By bringing the in-store experience to the web! And video is the key player. 


79% of shoppers browse for items online before heading to the brick-and-mortar store.


Research shows that consumers don’t prefer one shopping experience. Instead, they’re looking to combine the best of both worlds. 

For instance, 65.5% of shoppers search for online reviews before making an in-store purchase, while 79.2% browse for items online before heading to the brick-and-mortar store.

But that’s not all.

When asked what makes each shopping experience enjoyable, consumers cited different factors. For example, trying on clothes and products is a big draw for in-store shopping, with 36% saying it’s what they enjoy most. Meanwhile, convenience is the biggest factor for online shopping, with 32.4% of consumers saying it makes them happy.

So, what’s the solution? 

A seamless omnichannel shopping experience incorporates the best of both worlds, with video leading the way. 


Here are 4 Ways to Create a Seamless Shopping Experience With Video


4 Ways to Create a Seamless Shopping Experience with Video: Produce video FAQs, publish video reviews, recreate in-store shopping experiences, and re-purpose videos.


1. Produce Video FAQs to Support Customers Faster

Consumers value having staff available to answer their questions when shopping in-store. In fact, 32% of consumers say having knowledgeable salespeople makes them loyal customers. 

Producing video FAQs is an excellent way to bring the in-store online and further enrich the shopping experience. 

How? Video FAQs deliver faster and more personalized support customers can trust without waiting to speak to staff in person. According to research, 64.5% of consumers say watching video FAQs would improve their online shopping experience. 

Furthermore, video FAQs can be a communication tool, enabling online shoppers to ask new questions. 70.8% of consumers say that having the ability to ask a question online and receive a video answer would improve their online shopping experience.

Video FAQs close the shopping gap by bringing the convenience of in-store staff online. 


2. Publish Video Reviews as Social Proof

Online reviews are a key factor in consumer purchase decisions. Most consumers reference reviews at some point before making a purchase. Positive reviews can help build trust and loyalty towards a brand, with 25.6% of consumers saying that informative reviews make them more likely to become loyal customers. 

By producing video reviews, retailers can take social proof to the next level. 

Video reviews offer easily digestible feedback from real customers, making them a more authentic and trustworthy information source than traditional text-based reviews. 64.5% of consumers say watching video reviews would enhance their online shopping experience. 

By embedding video reviews on eCommerce sites, retailers can create a seamless shopping experience that fosters customer loyalty and boosts confidence in the online purchasing process.


3. Recreate In-Store Shopping Experiences 

58.8% of consumers rely on opinions from staff or other customers when shopping in-store, so it’s no surprise that 70.1% of consumers say they miss hearing those opinions when shopping online. 

You can recreate those experiences by embedding videos of staff or customers on your eCommerce website. For example, featuring videos of real people showing new products and demonstrating how they feel, fit, or look in person. 

By doing so, you can help online shoppers make informed decisions and feel more satisfied with their purchases. In fact, 60% of consumers say being satisfied with their purchase makes them loyal customers. 

By bridging the gap between in-store and online shopping through video, you can deliver a seamless shopping experience and build customer loyalty.


70% of consumers say they miss hearing staff/other customers opinions' when shopping online.


4. Repurpose Videos to Expand Reach

Repurposing your videos is a great way to create a seamless customer shopping experience. With the right strategy, evergreen video content – like video reviews and video FAQs – can grow your online reach and capture the attention of shoppers browsing online. So they get the info they need to make a purchase, either on an eCommerce site or in-store.

To maximize the potential of video assets, consider trimming long videos into short-form clips that can be shared on various platforms. 

Shortened snippets can be used for:

  • Website videos
  • Social media
  • Paid video ads
  • Email campaigns

By repurposing videos, businesses can create a seamless customer shopping experience and drive long-term growth.


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