How to Do More With Video Using StoryTap's TikTok Integration

Introducing StoryTap’s TikTok Integration! Share videos with new audiences seamlessly. 

Creating video content is an essential part of your brand’s marketing strategy.

But, it can also be a tedious experience.

To create ongoing content, you need a team dedicated to producing timely, relevant, and helpful videos for your audience. And to stay competitive, you need to be active on multiple platforms. For many brands, it can be overwhelming to keep on top of. 

However, there are ways to do more with video and get the most out of the content you already have. That’s why we’ve created a new TikTok integration with the StoryTap video platform.

Now, brands like yours can share authentic videos with new audiences seamlessly. 

How Does the TikTok Integration Work?

We’ve designed the integration to be simple and user-friendly. 

We've designed the integration to be simple and user friendly. 1. Choose a video from your StoryTap video library. 2. Upload the video to your TikTok account. 3. Sync the video to the StoryTap backend. 4. Start collecting report data & video analytics.

When your customers or staff record a video on our platform, it will save to your video library. Select the video you want to repurpose and upload it to your TikTok account. Then, sync the video to the StoryTap backend, and you’re done! 

Our platform will immediately start collecting video data so you can measure your performance over time.

Should I Take Advantage of the Integration?

Yes! Why wouldn’t you? Video content is undeniably attention-grabbing, engaging and influential. It has the power to drive sales and increase conversions. So, making the most out of your content is a no-brainer. 

The challenge brands face is keeping up with creating fresh content regularly. Our integration eliminates this challenge by making it easy to repurpose videos so you can post new content every day. Choose the authentic videos you want to share and upload them seamlessly to your TikTok account in minutes. 

Why TikTok Over Other Social Media Platforms?

Nearly 40% of Gen Z use TikTok and Instagram for search over Google.

Repurposing your videos to TikTok will help get your content in front of the new generation of consumers. TikTok has become the platform of choice for Gen Z, with nearly 40% of Gen Z using TikTok and Instagram for search over Google. 

So, being active on the platform, posting frequently and using TikTok as a search engine will only help grow your brand and revenue. To successfully market to Gen Z and build awareness with the new pool of potential customers, you need to be on TikTok. 

Do More with Video Using StoryTap

Do more with your videos for less! Using our platform, you can repurpose, reshare and reuse your videos to get the most out of your authentic content. Our data-driven video platform makes it easy to produce, curate and distribute hundreds or even thousands of authentic videos from real people. 

Do you want to know more about how our integration works? Chat with our team today. 

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