4 Powerful Ways Video Will Enrich Your Digital CX in 2023

Digital customer experience (digital CX) is changing. 

Today’s consumers hold new expectations for the brands they buy from. When it comes to customer service, consumers want instant and personalized responses. 

The days of waiting on hold for hours on the phone are long gone. In today’s world, taking too long to respond or relying on bots leads to frustration and dissatisfaction. Instead, consumers are looking to online resources for customer support.

In 2023, engaging and retaining customers is less about your products or services and more about the experiences you deliver. No matter what industry you work in, a great digital CX strategy has one thing in common: people.

The core of your CX strategy should be to make your customers’ lives easier, more convenient and enjoyable. Doing so will help you retain your customers, grow revenue and build loyalty. 

Video is a powerful tool that can help enrich your digital CX in more ways than one. But you might not be aware of the potential of video content as a customer support tool. 

We predicted video would solve customer experience business challenges in 2023. So, to kick off the new year, we decided to show you how integrating video into your strategy will improve your digital customer experience. 

Here are Four Ways Video Will Enrich Your Digital CX in 2023: 

1. Improve the Quality of Customer Support 


We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: your customers are time-starved. 

They don’t want to wait for an answer when they have support questions. Instead, they expect responses within seconds. This is especially true for younger generations like Gen Z, who consider typing out a message to a support department inconvenient. 

Video delivers the opportunity to give your customers the information they need without waiting to speak to a representative. 

70.4% of consumers say that having videos on a self-service page would improve their experiences.

You can give your customers answers faster by recording short videos addressing common concerns. Then, add the videos to your website in a self-service portal where customers can find the info themselves. 

Customer self-service is skyrocketing in popularity because of the convenience it delivers. According to our study, 79.1% of consumers are likely to view a customer self-service page when they have questions. Additionally, 57.5% of consumers say they prefer using video to solve their problems because it’s easier.

Not only does video deliver information quicker, but it also provides in-depth explanations without boring your customers with endless text. A better digital CX occurs when customers can easily access support resources.

The proof is in the data. 

Our study shows 70.4% of consumers say that having videos on a self-service page would improve their experiences. 

Not to mention, customers will be less likely to call your call center when they can find support answers online, saving your brand costs. 

2. Personalize Your Customer Service  

Not only is speedy service important, but so is personalization in customer experience. When you have loyal customers, they expect you to know who they are and their needs. 

Traditional customer service channels like call centers and chatbots tend to deliver generic support that lacks warmth and empathy. Your customers demand more. 

Having employees record support videos adds a touch of humanity to your digital CX. 

Your customers don’t have to wonder if they’re talking to a bot. Instead, they’re getting the info they need directly from you. 

Using video as a support tool lets you customize your videos to answer unique questions and address specific concerns. You can also anticipate your customers’ needs and answer questions before they get asked. 

A huge part of customer service is understanding what your customers need. Do research before recording your support videos to ensure you’re touching on common pain points. Doing so will help you deliver personalized service and improve your customer experience. 

Traditional customer service channels like call centers and chatbots tend to deliver generic support that lacks warmth and empathy. Your customers demand more.

3. Reduce Customer Churn & Grow Revenue

The primary reason customers turn to competitors is poor customer experience. Whether it’s long wait times, generic responses or unhelpful bots, poor CX is hurting your business. 

When customers can’t find the info they need from a brand, they turn to other channels. YouTube is a prime example of where customers turn to find answers. Or worse, they turn to your competition. 

In other words, your bottom line is affected. 

Using video as a support tool on your website ensures that your customers stay within your ecosystem both pre and post-purchase. When they can find the answers they need from your brand, they’re more likely to keep coming back for more. 

It’s simple, keep your customers satisfied, and they’re less likely to churn. 

The primary reason customers turn to competitors is poor customer experience.

Providing better customer service leads to increased satisfaction and improved customer retention. All of which create a positive digital CX and grow revenue for your business. 

4. Grow Customer Relationships & Build Loyalty 

What we said at the beginning of this blog is true. Great CX strategies revolve around people. 


Because your customers are the core of your business. 

When they have great experiences with your brand, they’re more likely to become advocates. They’ll share their positive experiences with others through word of mouth and even user-generated content. And nothing is more impactful than social proof coming from your real customers. 

Investing your time and resources into video for customer support will only help you deliver a better digital CX. In turn, you will grow and retain your customer relationships, flourishing into long-lasting brand loyalty. 

Enrich Your Digital CX With StoryTap 

It’s time to get on board with the new way of customer experience. Video is increasingly becoming a competitive tool that enriches the digital CX. Soon, your customers will expect to see videos as part of their experiences with your brand. It’s never too late to start integrating video into your CX strategy. 

StoryTap’s patented video platform helps brands produce authentic videos from real people at scale to create a seamless digital CX. Use our data-driven video tech to produce, curate and distribute hundreds or even thousands of videos and better support your customers. 

If you’re ready to get on board with the changing CX landscape, chat with our team. We’ll tell you more about how StoryTap can help you improve your customer experience and grow revenue with video.

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