Produce Evergreen Videos for Your Brand this Holiday Season

Though the leaves are just beginning to change and plans for Halloween are taking shape, in the retail world, the holiday season is well under way. Retail sales in the US total almost $730 billion during the holiday season, with 35% of those sales taking place before November and 44% happening between November 1 and November 15.

This year’s unique environment means more people are likely to complete their holiday shopping online – and that presents a great opportunity for savvy retailers. With fewer people going into stores and more of the customer journey taking place online, you can take this opportunity to serve up relevant content that sets you apart from competitors. The unprecedented retail landscape this year offers an ideal time to focus on eCommerce strategy and developing social proof that helps your customers gain information and convert online. 

Share the spirit of the season through social proof

There is a certain atmosphere present in the malls leading up to Christmas. Lavish decorations, holiday music, and even silly sweaters are all part of the experience. Consumers don’t need to forgo that extra cozy holiday feeling just because they’re shopping from the comfort of their living room. Customer and staff videos with some “ho ho ho” in the background can help customers learn about products while also sharing in the spirit of the season. Even better, these videos are evergreen and can be used next year. Just like your own holiday decorations, you can pull them out year after year and chances are, they will still be relevant. 

As you know, you can expect a surge in traffic – that hopefully leads to a surge in sales – in the months leading up to Christmas. Authentic user videos are worth a thousand words, and the ability to share some holiday elements – such as a Christmas tree in the background – helps make these videos more relevant for the season. Just like with experience videos that you can use any time of year, having holiday themed videos adds some magic to your marketing efforts – and helps you leave your competitors in the snow. 

What sort of video stories make the most impact?

With StoryTap’s innovative and easy-to-use platform, the options for generating authentic video content are endless. Consider starting with these ideas to pack the most punch this holiday season. 

Holiday experience videos provide the charm that people are missing in the stores this season. If there is any seasonality to your business, highlight these features over the coming months. Brands that offer holiday photography, seasonal vacation packages, specialty clothing or keepsakes, etc. can all benefit from capitalizing on this season by amping up the “holiday” feel in your videos. Think of Christmas trees in the background, a beautifully decorated backdrop, adding some music – don’t just focus on your offerings, layer in those additional elements to remind consumers that your product is perfectly timed for this extra-special time of year. 

You can also try video Q&A with a holiday twist. Have your staff answer frequently asked questions authentically, taking extra care with the concerns that people have when holiday shopping. Think: gift wrapping, expedited shipping times, etc. Your video can include answers to questions such as “Can I personalize items?”, “What is the fastest shipping time?”, or any other questions your staff tends to get this time of year. For an extra festive feel, have employees wear Santa hats and stand in front of a red and green backdrop while they film. Also, remember that video helps with SEO ranking, so an FAQ video is a great way to share phrases that mirror search intent. People often search using a question, so including this type of language in your videos will provide SEO benefits. 

Unlike your tree, these videos are evergreen

Relevant and informational videos are essential this year, with fewer people heading into the stores. Without the opportunity to touch and feel products, social proof will be key in helping people make decisions. Even better, though: you can use these videos again and again. As long as the products are still available and the information shared still applies, you can quickly and confidently share videos year after year. The holiday season is a busy one, as any retailer knows. Make your job easier and less stressful by having a stable of content ready to go! Reap the benefits immediately this year and continue to make an impact on your marketing next year and the next. 

StoryTap enables you to serve up holiday videos to visitors through personalization. By designating certain videos as specific for the holidays, you can adjust our platform to show these videos during the holiday season. You can also add more layers of personalization (such as geography and demographics) to serve up videos with even greater relevance.

The StoryTap platform is the only tool you need to serve up countless videos that match the mood of the holiday season while giving people the most relevant content to help them make purchasing decisions. Our unique technology makes it easy for any user, anywhere to record videos that are on brand, accessible, and optimized for SEO. Curious how StoryTap increases brand awareness, engagement, and customer trust? Request a demo to learn how authentic experience videos can boost your brand – heading into the holidays and for years to come.

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