How to Use Video for Post-Secondary Recruitment

September 1, 2022

Recruiting students to post-secondary is becoming more competitive each year. As a result, schools are using every marketing strategy they can to attract new students. 

But, not just any marketing tactic will garner the attention of prospective students, especially younger ones. Colleges and universities need to invest their marketing dollars where it’s going to count – like video. 

Why Invest in Video for Post-Secondary Recruitment? 

There’s a simple answer to this: because it works. 

In fact, video marketing is proven to impact admissions and enrolment numbers. 80% of prospective undergraduate students said watching a video influenced their application

80% of prospective undergraduate students said watching a video influenced their application.

Not to mention, video is where students spend most of their time. By 2022, videos will make up more than 82% of internet traffic, with the majority of Gen Z watching an average of 7.2 hours of video per day. So for colleges and universities wanting to target the younger generation, video is the most effective way to market to Gen Z and build brand awareness.

But beyond that, video can do more for your post-secondary institution. Creating short-form authentic video content can captivate prospective students, convey valuable information, and build long-term relationships.

After all, some students begin researching universities up to two years in advance. So, authentic videos can help grab their interest and guide them through the student recruitment process from the start of their journey to the end. 

Build a Successful Video Marketing Strategy

Before jumping on camera, you must follow two essential steps to create a successful video strategy. First, decide what you want your video to do and then decide who you want the video to reach. 

Define Your Video Goals

You must plan what you want your videos to do for your institution. Some examples of video goals can be:

  • Garnering prospective students & increasing enrollment 
  • Recruiting new students to a specific program
  • Generating more student engagement on campus 
  • Increasing engagement on social media 

Target the Right Audience

Next, you need to identify the audience you want your videos to reach. For example, are you targeting Gen Z undergraduate students? Are you targeting parents? Or are you targeting MBA students?

Understanding who you want to speak to will help you craft the right types of videos that will help you achieve your goal. Once you’ve prepared your strategy, it’s time to start recording. 

Here Are 5 Ways to Use Video for Post-Secondary Recruitment:

Here are 5 ways to use video for post-secondary recruitment: feature current students in recruitment videos, create testimonial videos from alumni & faculty, record how-to videos for admission & enrolment, showcase student life & campus activities, share Welcome to Campus videos.

1. Feature Current Students in Recruitment Videos

Your students are the face of your institution – who better to recruit new students than your current ones? 

Ask your students to record videos about their experiences on campus. Get them to introduce your school, programs and student life activities. The goal is to get prospective students interested in your institution. Highlight your academic programs, residence buildings, lecture halls and social clubs. 

Prospective students are looking for genuine and authentic experiences that will set the standard of what they can expect from your institution. When it comes from the mouths of your current students, prospective students are much more likely to trust their word. 

2. Create Testimonial Videos From Alumni & Faculty

There’s nothing like social proof to influence a decision. Highlight your alumni and faculty members to convey the quality of your institution. Have them speak about their education, connections and value they gained from attending your school. 

This can help convince students and parents that your school is worth the investment. Plus, testimonial videos are engaging. Prospective students are likelier to watch a video about alumni experiences than read about it. 

3. Record How-to Videos for Admissions & Enrolment

How-to videos are an excellent way to share valuable information and use video for post-secondary recruitment. For example, create videos that explain the admissions and enrolment process.  

Each academic program has unique admission requirements or prerequisites, so consider having videos explaining each. Give students step-by-step instructions on what they need to qualify for programs and how to apply and submit applications.

These videos will assure students that they are well prepared for your institution and eligible for program entrance requirements. Once students are ready to enrol, consider creating how-to videos to help set them up for success. This could include how to create a timetable, use online portals, and register for classes.

4. Showcase Student Life & Campus Activities

There’s more to post-secondary than academics. A big part of the experience is social life on campus. Use video to showcase student clubs, campus events, nightlife and hot spots off campus. 

Prospective students want the inside scoop on what life is like outside the classroom. Consider leveraging your Student Union to create videos showcasing the true meaning of student life at your school.

Pro Tip: Use these videos on your website and reshare them on social media to reach more eyes and encourage more engagement from your students.

5. Share Welcome to Campus Videos

Use authentic videos to welcome new students to your school! Starting the post-secondary journey can be an exciting time and also a nerve-wracking experience. Break the ice for new students by sharing a welcome video on their first day. 

What can new students expect when they arrive on campus? Create videos that give them a taste of the next four years of their life. Get them pumped up to join you and put their nerves (and their parents’ nerves) at ease! 

Use StoryTap to Create Authentic Videos for Post-Secondary Recruitment 

Colleges and universities need video for post-secondary recruitment. Whether you want to increase enrolment in specific programs, garner more engagement or build brand awareness, video is necessary for your marketing strategy. 

StoryTap is a video platform that empowers brands to produce authentic videos at scale. Use our video technology to produce hundreds or even thousands of videos from your customers, employees or students. 

Universities like UCLA used StoryTap to produce thousands of videos from student ambassadors to recruit new students to their FEMBA program. Read the UCLA case study to learn how they did it.

Take your video marketing efforts to new levels with StoryTap. Connect with our team for more information! 

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